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March 24, 2016s
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A Summary of Third Grade Happenings
Reading/Language Arts
During our study of fiction writing, we have
been learning that fiction writers set a tone for
their stories by using words and illustrations to
reveal their feelings about a subject. By
choosing very specific and intentional words
and illustrations to accompany their text,
writers can help their readers feel emotionally
connected to the characters in their stores in a
more significant way.
Last week, we began module 10. The first portion of
the module is exploring the measurement of area using
multiplication to calculate and solve problems. We also
are learning to use the distributive property to multiply
and calculate the area of composite shapes.
We have also been learning that readers of
fiction need to read closely to note how story
elements contribute to the big idea or theme
of a story. Figuring out the moral or theme of
a story is like putting a puzzle together. We
need to look at all the smaller pieces we’ve
put together before we can fit in the last piece
and appreciate the big picture.
The third graders brought home their April
Homerun Reading Logs today. Hopefully,
they shared with you the new reading
requirements for third trimester. I can’t stress
enough the importance of reading. In order
for your child to become a stronger reader,
they have to be reading on a consistent basis
both at home and at school.
We continue to collect information for our
writing piece. The third graders have learned
that no matter what subject you write about,
you can choose a lot of different ways to write
about it, depending on your purpose and
audience. After break, we will begin drafting
our nonfiction piece. Drafting is the time when
writers take all they know about their topic and
put it all together in a clear structure so it is
easy for readers to understand.
Testing will begin after break. Our testing schedule is
the following:
Tuesday, April 5: 8:40-10:30
Wednesday, April 6: 12:45-2:30
Friday, April 8: 12:45-2:30
Tuesday, April 12: 12:45-2:30
Wednesday, April 13: 8:40-10:30
Thursday, April 14: 12:45-2:30
Friday, April 15: 8:40-10:30
During these two weeks, our Specials’ Schedule will be
different and our lunch times will change slightly.
The third graders had an opportunity to explore practice
tests twice. The purpose of us spending time exploring
these was to familiarize the third graders with the
format of the test and the tools and features of the test
they will need to use during the test, (i.e., logging on to
the testing site, highlighting, using a scroll bar).
Quick Tidbits
-March 25th – April 2nd: Spring Break!
- April 4th: Homerun Reading Logs Due!