Reading Writing Math Math will begin

To begin the year, we
will be working on
building good reading
habits. In this unit,
students will be taught
the Reading Workshop
routines, as well as
comprehension and
connection strategies.
Students will learn
the expectations and
procedures of Writing
Workshop. They will
also be working on
personal narratives,
focusing on the
structure and content
of their writing.
Math will begin
with studying
numbers up to
10,000. The Math
In Focus chapter
will focus on place
value and
Science/Social Studies
Throughout the fall, students will be studying earth science, including earth
movements, natural disasters, and the layers of the earth.
Dates to Remember
9/3-First Day of School
9/7-Labor Day, School Closed
9/14-Rosh Hashana, School Closed
9/23-Yom Kippur, School Closed
9/24-Back to School Night, 7:00-8:30
Ms. Cappello
Room 224
973-593-3182 x7403