ANSWER SHEET “How long does it stay in the ocean?” (A marine biodegradation guessing game) 6 weeks Newspaper 8 weeks Apple Core 3 months Milk Carton 7 months Natural Fibre Rope 1 year Biodegradable Nappy (available in most health food stores!!) 3 years Untreated Wood 50 years Styrofoam Cup 50 years Tin Can 400 years Aluminium Can 400 years Plastic 6‐pack holder 450 years Plastic water bottle 450 years Regular Nappy 600 years Monofilament Fishing Net ? (forever??) Glass Note to Teachers: This is an excellent game to get children thinking about items that they use and discard, and the role that they can plan in not making a further negative impact on the environment. Examples of this would include choosing to buy products with less packaging, reusing plastic bottles, and thinking about where, and how, they throw things away.