Schroder International Selection Fund QEP Global Core Why invest?

July 2015
Marketing material
Schroder International Selection Fund
QEP Global Core
Schroder ISF* QEP Global Core is an actively managed fund which aims
to deliver consistent outperformance of the MSCI World, with limited indexrelative risk.
Why invest?
–– Designed to offer investors the benefits of index-based investing from a risk and cost
perspective, with the advantage of relative outperformance
–– Benefits from strategic diversification between Value and Quality drivers, offering investors the
potential for outperformance across a broad range of environments
–– Exploits a wide opportunity set, tapping into all sectors and regions, and investing across the
market cap spectrum; some flexibility to deviate from the index in a risk-controlled way
–– Highly experienced and well-resourced team managing around €43 billion of developed and
emerging equities.
Asset class
Source: Schroders, as at 31 March 2015.
Investment style
S m a ll
m C p
rge Cap
G ro w t h
Key characteristics
Complementary fundamental drivers
This is a blend approach – we invest on the basis of both valuations and business quality.
In the case of the former we are using fundamentals such as dividends and earnings to identify
companies which we believe are undervalued by their current market price; in the case of the
latter we look for quality companies by assessing measures of profitability, stability and financial
strength. The advantage of combining Value and Quality opportunities in a single portfolio is that
while both strategies tend to outperform through time they tend to deliver their returns at different
stages of the economic cycle, offering investors the potential for outperformance across a broad
range of market environments.
Exploiting genuine breadth of opportunity
We maximise the opportunity set by looking beyond the index to an investment universe of
more than 15,000 stocks globally. The fund is highly diversified, typically investing in over 500
stocks, which enables us to gain exposure to many more potential return opportunities in a
risk-controlled way.
Limited index-relative risk via intelligent portfolio construction
Top-down risks are carefully managed in our portfolio construction process by applying indexrelative limits. Regions and sectors are constrained to within +/- 2.5% and stocks to within +/0.5% relative to the index. This results in a low tracking error which is typically less than 1.5%
per annum. However, the team still has the flexibility to invest a controlled amount in the best
opportunities beyond the index. Our portfolio construction tools allow us to manage the riskreturn trade-off efficiently and we also focus on cost-effective implementation.
Fund management team
The QEP Investment Team was established in 1996 and has managed money since 2000. The
team, led by Justin Abercrombie, consists of 29 members based in London, Sydney, New York
and Hong Kong. It manages around €43 billion in a comprehensive range of global and emerging
market equity strategies on behalf of clients all over the world.
Source: Schroders, team as at 31 May 2015, assets as at 31 March 2015.
*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF throughout this document.
Schroder International Selection Fund QEP Global Core
Investment process
Schroders’ awards
The investment process for the fund can be summarised in three stages:
Value and
Quality ranks
–– Universe of 15,000 stocks maximises
the opportunity
–– Rank stocks by Value and Quality
Stage 1
rewarding excellence in business
Special Commendation
Stage 2
Stage 3
Source: Management Today, ‘Britain’s Most
Admired Company’, 2013/2014; Investment Europe
‘Investment Group of the year’ 2014; Funds Europe
Awards, special Commendation for European
Asset Management Company (AUM over €20bn);
Portfolio Adviser ‘Readers’ Choice Award’, Fund
Awards 2014.
–– Focus on stocks offering a combination of
good Value and Quality
–– Other factors taken into account for risk
management, e.g. Momentum and Glamour
Fund ratings
–– Top-down risks carefully managed
–– Diversified approach: 500+ stocks
–– Focus on liquidity and trading costs
Source: Morningstar OBSR, as at 31 May 2015,
4-star rating awarded to the C Acc shareclass,
Bronze rating awarded to the whole fund.
Risk considerations
–– The capital is not guaranteed
–– Investments denominated in a currency other than that of the share-class may not be
To learn more about Schroder ISF QEP
Global Core, please visit:
hedged. The market movements between those currencies will impact the share-class
–– The fund will not hedge its market risk in a down cycle. The value of the fund will move
similarly to the markets.
About Schroders
Key information
ISIN code
Bloomberg code
Date of inception
3 June 1993
Fund currency
Ongoing charges* (latest available)
Entry charge
€441.6bn managed across
equities, fixed income, multi-asset,
alternatives and real estate.
An extensive global network of
3,600+ employees.
Up to 1.00 % of gross investment amount
Information in the table above is for the C Accumulation share class, for further share class information please
see the Prospectus.
*The ongoing charges figure is based on the last year’s expenses for the year ending April 2015 and may
vary from year to year.
37 offices in 27 countries across
Europe, the Americas, Asia and
the Middle East.
Over 200 years’ experience of
investment markets.
Source: Schroders, as at 31 March 2015.
Source for rating: Fitch, ‘Highest Standards’
awarded to Schroders on 1 April 2015.
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