Soal Pertemuan 7 Jender dan Umur (Sumber Holmes, Ch 7)

Soal Pertemuan 7
Jender dan Umur
(Sumber Holmes, Ch 7)
1. Group Discussion:
Discuss the difference between male and female speech in Indonesian. Are the
features listed in your book (Holmes) present in our language too? Make a list of
these features and present them in class.
2. Individual task:
Observe a small child of 3 or 4 years old. Note down or record a conversation or
two between the child and an adult. Do you notice different vocabulary use
between them? List the different words used by the child and the adult.
3. Individual task:
In some professions, like designers or hairdressers, there are males that behave
more womanly than others. Observe and investigate their language. Is there
really a different code? Do they use this code among themselves or do they use it
to speak to everyone?