AbstractID: 8411 Title: CAD vs. Radiologists Debate

AbstractID: 8411 Title: CAD vs. Radiologists Debate
Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) has just started to be used clinically in screening mammography and in plain chest radiography.
Research is intensifying in several other areas such thoracic CT and colonography. It is expected that over the years more and more
radiologists will rely on CAD as aid in image interpretation for a wide variety of images acquired on many different imaging
modalities. As computer-aided interpretation gains clinical acceptance, it is natural to ask whether computers can ever become the
primary reader. There is some uncertainty that computers will be able reach the level of performance where it can become the primary
reader. Even if a high level of performance is reached by computer techniques, it is not clear that a computer will be accepted as the
primary reader by radiologists or patients or both. This debate presets a forum where leaders in the field will discuss the future of
computerized reading in radiology. The resolution for this debate is:
Be it resolved that computers will be the primary interpreters of all medical images within 50 years.
Educational Objectives:
1. To learn about current role and performance levels of CAD.
2. To learn about the future role of computerized reading in radiology.
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