BIBL 450- Daniel/Revelation

BIBL 450- Daniel/Revelation
A detailed knowledge of the contents of the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation,
especially their correspondence as understood by a pre-tribulational, pre-millennial
understanding of the doctrines of eschatology and Bible prophecy is required to pass this
Topics covered on this exam include: The historicity of Daniel and Revelation, the two
original languages of Daniel and how this influences the historicity and dating of the
book, the dating issues of Daniel and Revelation (especially the debate among critical and
conservative scholars), the authorship issues of Daniel and Revelation, and the nuances of
the prophetic-apocalyptic genre. Also, the general contents, especially the eschatological
and prophetic elements, of both books and their interpretations according to the most
common critical and conservative scholars.
Multiple choice, and True/False
146 Questions
Suggested Study Resources:
o John C. Whitcomb, Daniel, Everyman’s Bible Commentary (Chicago: Moody
Press, 1985). ISBN # 9780802420671
o Ed Hindson, Revelation: Unlocking the Future, Twenty-First Century Bible
Commentary, eds. Couch and Hindson (Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers,
2002). ISBN # 9780899578101