Petition To Take A Prohibited CS/MATH Course

Petition To Take A Prohibited CS/MATH Course
(Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Ohio University)
Name of petitioner ___________________________ (please print)
Course(s) to be taken _____________________________________________________
Prior 5XX/6XX level MATH/CS courses taken at OU ________________
Do you intend to pursue a CS-related degree in the future at OU? ___________
Reason for taking the course(s):
I certify that the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge.
Petitioner’s signature _________________
Date ______________
Petitioner’s advisor: Please sign below to indicate that you agree to let the student take
the course(s).
Advisor’s signature ________________
Date ______________
ChE graduate chair’s comments:
(Please return the signed petition to the ChE graduate chair for final approval. The
petitioner may appeal to the graduate committee if he/she disagrees with the final