A travel offering responsible Providing

A responsible travel offering
to reduce the environmental
impact of our on-board amenities
New, more
short-haul seat.
Lightening its weight
by 4.9kg reduces
fuel consumption and
cuts CO2 emissions
by 5,900 tonnes
a year.
Specific, free services,
for example, to enable
unaccompanied minors to
travel, or to facilitate the
journeys of passengers
with reduced mobility.
Making the right choices
by analyzing life cycles.
Lightweight, disposable
plastic cutlery reduces CO2
emissions and is therefore
preferable to the heavier,
washable metal sort.
Our Commitments
• Ensure passenger safety and well-being
• Provide reliable, relevant and transparent information
• Protect the privacy of data supplied
by our customers
• Inform and take care of customers
in the event of a flight cancellation
• Dialogue with our customers and measure
their satisfaction levels to continually improve
our service quality
our social responsibility
by having our suppliers share
our commitments. Blankets,
for example, are washed by
a company operating close
to Paris-CDG airport which
employs staff with disabilities.
Air France-KLM is acknowledged
as a global leader among airlines
for its commitment
to Corporate Social Responsibility.
The first French private-sector
company to be awarded
the Marianne d’Or for Corporate
Social Responsibility in 2009.
To find out more, to go
Watch the CSR video
Air France takes first prize
for customer relations, 2010
Air France was awarded first prize in customer
relations in the Transport sector by BearingPoint
and TNS Sofres. The title was awarded by over
4,000 customers who gave their opinion on a dozen
fundamental aspects of the customer relationship,
including offer upgrades, innovation, quality of
contact, transparency, availability of information,
and loyalty policy.
Calculate and offset
your journey’s CO2 emissions
de CO2
Photos : DX.VO / Fondation Air France / GoodPlanet / WWF-Canon-Martin Harvey/IAMA
Environment and CSR Department OD.DE – September 2010 – Design & Layout: Dialogue & Stratégie – Printed on satimat green paper.
Using eco-design
personalized services
Combating Climate Change
+/- 2%
Share of airline
industry in global
CO2 emissions
3.8 l/100km
95 g CO /km
Reducing our environmental impacts
ISO 14001 29% less noise
In 2008, Air France won
ISO 14001 environmental
generated by Air France-KLM
flights since 2000 thanks
to fleet renewal.
Air France-KLM fuel consumption
per passenger
To reduce its emissions, the Group implemented an ambitious
Climate Action Plan as early as 2007. This involved fleet rationalization, support for research into aviation and alternative fuels,
support for NGO environmental protection programs, and an
active contribution to international negotiations on a global
agreement to limit airline industry emissions.
Supplementing fossil fuels with “renewable” fuel that does not
compete with the food chain will help to reduce the airline
industry’s carbon footprint.
In addition to its flights, Air France’s environmental impacts
concern noise, water and energy consumption, and waste
management. Each of these areas is covered by a reduction
• The first flight powered by biofuel with observers aboard
was operated by KLM in November 2009.
• Biofuel from forestry waste will be powering Air France
aircraft from 2014 under a partnership with CEA. The fuel
will be produced in Eastern France.
Our combat
against deforestation
Since 2008, Air France has financed a largescale program to halt deforestation in Madagascar.
This is overseen by the GoodPlanet Foundation and run
locally by WWF.
• Concerns 500,000 hectares throughout the country
• Potential storage for 60 million tonnes of CO2
Air France,
in Greater Paris
Cutting consumption
Contributing to development
in the regions where we operate
14% reduction
in water consumption
thanks to a new
aircraft washing
process and the
collection of rainwater.
23% reduction
in volatile organic
compounds by using
a new water-based
41% vehicles
at Paris-CDG now
electrically powered.
Aircraft disassembly
Air France has run its own end-oflife aircraft disassembly program
since 2000. Recycling and reconditioning will give equipment a
second life. As a result, 80% of
the mass of disassembled aircraft
is recovered.
Air France-KLM employees in
Air France
to regional
Air France founder
of associations
to employment
Air France is a founder member of the Pays de RoissyCDG community association made up of elected officials, business leaders, institutional managers, and residents in 110 municipalities
around the airport.
The aim is to showcase,
federate and promote the
territorial drive in favor not
only of economic development but also of transport,
housing, training and culture.
Air France is contributing at
local level to training and
skills provision. Close to
2,000 young people who
trained via the JEREMY
community association have
found employment: 388
young people trained at
AFMAé in 2009, of whom
149 at Air France Industries.
AirEmploi informs people
about careers in aviation
through presentations in
secondary schools.
Supporting Humanitarian Action
in France in 2009-2010
True to its stated ambition of bringing people together,
Air France has long played an active role in humanitarian
and development programs.
The Company provides airline logistics support for over
40 charities and other agencies, mainly for providing
emergency health assistance.
In 2009-2010, Air France injected funding of 5 million
euros into 150 projects, donated 660 free airline tickets to
NGOs, and carried nine tonnes of medical equipment and
medicines, much of it during the Haiti earthquake disaster.
The Air France
Since it was founded in 1992, the Foundation has funded
637 projects to help children who are sick, disabled or in great
difficulty, in France and in countries where Air France operates.
The “Friends of the Foundation” network involves over 1,900
company staff in voluntary initiatives.
Air France committed to developing skills
in Africa
Set up by Air France in 2001, the
AIDA Foundation (Assistance,
Investment, Development in Africa),
operating in Mali, Senegal, and
Gabon, offers ground-handling
companies operating at African
airports the possibility of professionalizing their structures.
As the partner since 2005 of
IAMA, the African Institute for
Careers in Aviation, Air France
supports the training each year
of nearly 1,500 staff in African
Acting for Life
A charity co-founded by Air France, which renewed its
partnership for a further ten years in 2006 to put the deployment
of development programs on a long-term footing, notably
by providing microfinance to some of the world’s most disadvantaged people.
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