– Current Popular IT IV – T0693 Tugas Review Module 7

Tugas Review – Current Popular IT IV – T0693
Module 7
1. All Windows 2000 Servers participate in tracking network resource information via the Active
Directory, and are simply called ____.
a. active servers
b. members
c. domain controllers
d. directories
2. In the Active Directory, a(n) ____ is a fundamental component or container that holds
information about all network resources that are grouped within it.
a. object
b. control
c. domain
d. source
3. Each kind of object in the Active Directory is defined through a(n) ____.
a. criteria
b. schema
c. identifier
d. controller
4. A(n) ____ is a unique number associated with the object name.
b. BDC
c. account number
d. attribute
5. ____ is a TCP/IP-based utility that converts dotted decimal addresses to computer and domain
names and vice versa.
a. IPX
b. Telnet
c. NetBEUI
d. DNS