Math Problem Solving

Strategy: Algebra for all

Appropriate Grade Level: 7-12



The algebra for all strategy may be used across mathematics. This article focused on using it in algebra. It has several key components.

Emphasizing the overall concept (“big ideas”).

Eliminate distracting numbers.

Allow requests from students to clarify the problem.

Use more than one way to represent numbers (words, tables, graphs, symbols…).

Review concepts while moving on to new ones.

Do not start out the school year by trying to review when you do not know where your students are academically.

Guide explorations.

Value different ways of thinking; try to see how your students are figuring out problems.

Create a safe environment for learning.

Comments and/or tips:

This strategy presents some great ways to modify and enrich mathematics instruction for students. It focuses on meeting students’ individual learning styles and needs.


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Math Problem Solving