CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis

CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis
The Reformation – The Spreading Spirit of Protest
Discussing the illustration:
1. Soon after Luther spoke out against the Church leaders in Rome, many other began to
do the same thing. This illustration shows one important way by which these religious
reformers could spread their ideas rapidly. Can you explain what that way was?
2. A very important invention helped Luther and others spread new ideas throughout
Europe. This illustration helps give an idea of how big the impact of that invention was.
Can you name that invention and the man who invented it?
3. The printing press had a big effect on Europe, and not just on its ideas about religion. It
also had a huge effect on these five areas of life: science, art, music, education, and
business. Explain how it would have affected these five areas of life, or any others you
can think of.