Summer 2016 Schedule : Annette Cohen

Interior Design Program Coordinator:
Annette Cohen
Annette Cohen is a well-known lecturer and
cultural historian, lecturing in the United
States and Europe as well as the CooperHewitt Museum, Hunter College, Fordham
University and Marymount College.
Annette was responsible for developing
architecture and design programs at two
colleges. She developed the first auction
education program at Cooper-Hewitt and
served as a consultant to the Museum of
Modern Art. She was a featured speaker at
a Moscow conference and was appointed
to a special education commission by the
governor of Connecticut.
She has lectured on many cruise lines
discussing topics such as antiques, interior
design history, and the places of France,
England and Russia.
Annette is currently the coordinator of
the Interior Design Certificate Program
at Hunter College which examines the
influence of architecture and design on
today’s interiors.
Summer 2016 Schedule
Fundamentals of Interior Design
Not available this semester.
History of Furniture Styles And
Interiors (IDFURST)
Not available this semester.
Advanced Interior Design (IDADVINT)
Not available this semester.
Interior Design
If you have an interest in exploring ways
to develop physical spaces including
furnishing, lighting, window treatments,
color and fabrics, then the Certificate in
Interior Design is perfect for you!
Color Workshop (IDCOLWOR)
Not available this semester.
Collector’s Trip (IDCOLTRI)
Not available this semester.
Daytime location:
695 Park Avenue; East Building Room E1022; NY, NY 10065
Phone: 212-650-3850; Fax: 212-772-4302
Email: [email protected]
Mon.-Thu 9am-5pm; Fri. 9am-4:45pm
Evening location:
71 East 94th Street; 3rd Floor; Room 333; NY, NY 10128
Phone: 646-963-6311; Email: [email protected]
Mon.-Thu. 5-9pm
Summer 2016
Interior Design Certificate
Registration and Tuition:
Required Courses:
Class size is limited and early registration is
advised. Certificate cost is $2200 or you can
register for courses individually, plus $20.00
registration fee per semester. Payment plans are
Fundamentals of Interior Design $500
The components of interior design are covered
in this survey of trends in furnishing, lighting,
window treatments, color and fabrics. The
proper relationship of line, form and color in
room design is also explored. This course is
structured to familiarize both the professional
and personal home designer with the interior
design field.
Certificate Information:
Whether you choose to become a professional
interior designer or learn remodeling skills for
planning and decorating your home or office,
this program will meet your needs.
Workshops, seminars, museums, showrooms,
and antique auction gallery visits are the focus
of the program. Students wishing to receive the
certificate must complete all 5 courses.
Courses are listed in the recommended order
for completion. Courses may not be available
every semester. Hunter College reserves the
right to adjust the certificate requirements and
make appropriate substitutions when necessary.
Note: This program doesn’t meet the
Certification, but provides participants with
knowledge of basic interior design skills.
Open House:
Interior Design courses and Open Houses
are not offered summer term.
History of Furniture Styles and Interiors
$500 (IDFURST)
This course will be an overview of traditional
18th-19th century to modern furniture of
the 20th century. These lectures will cover
the social, political and cultural contexts of
these periods. We will stress craftsmanship,
manufacturing quality and how copies and
restoration affect auction and investment values.
You will learn about famous designers and how
to both identify these styles and how to use
them in today’s rooms. Individual research
is suggested. Topics covered include: French,
American, English, Scandinavian, Art Deco, Art
Nouveau and other designs.
Advanced Interior Design and Business
This is a more advanced course requiring
students to utilize previous skills and knowledge
of the design process. Work boards of interiors
will be evaluated in class using more advanced
tools including color, lighting, materials and space
planning. Presentation skills of these projects
will be stressed and may be used for professional
or personal use. Rendering or drafting are
not required. Included will be Interior Design
business practices such as record keeping and
designer/ client relationships.
Color Workshop $500 (IDCOLWOR)
This class deals with various design problems
and how to solve them. Instruction covers the
use of floor plans and furniture arrangement,
with emphasis on color and texture in creating
that professional look. Various materials,
furniture styles, fabrics, carpeting, lighting and
accessories are also examined. No previous
experience or prerequisites are required.
Collector’s Trip $500 (IDCOLTRI)
Students will go on antique and design visits
including major auction houses and fine antiques
galleries and learn about today’s trends, pricing
and quality craftsmanship.