Chabot College March, 1993 56 - Professional Practices

Chabot College
March, 1993
Course Outline for Interior Design 56
Catalog Description:
56 - Professional Practices
3 units
Interior design practices including business and marketing aspects, wholesale resource development,
design presentation and career preparation, contractual obligations. 3 hours.
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. understand the basic business skills required of an interior designer, including accounting, billing
fees and compensation;
2. be familiar with contracts and legal responsibilities;
3. have a concept of a total design project and the designer's responsibilities to their client;
4. be aware of varying compensation methods;
5. learn the importance of public relations and publicity as ways for building a clientele;
6. learn networking opportunities;
7. know how to draw furniture layouts and present their ideas to a client;
8. understand estimating and costing.
Course Content:
Business practices and ethics
Contracts and legal responsibilities
Resource development in the wholesale home furnishings industry
Marketing the design project
a. furniture layouts and presentations
b. determining compensation and fees
Public relations
a. publicity
b. photography
Commercial interior design opportunities
Codes and certification of Interior Designers
Career opportunities in a broad range of retailing, small business practices, direct sales, and
product design fields
Methods of Presentation:
Lecture; discussion; field trips; guest speakers
Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
Assignments; quizzes and interim examinations; final examination
Textbook(s) (Typical):
Professional Practices for Interior Designers, C. Piotrowski, Van Nostrand Reinhold
Special Student Materials:
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