Haroun and the Sea of Stories
TASK: In groups of three - four you are to analyze one of the topics below. You are
also expected to apply one of the theoretical perspectives to your analysis. Groups will
be responsible for researching the theory and if applicable, the author (some secondary
sources will be provided). Each person in the group will be responsible for a written
analysis on one of the topics / sub-topics determined by your group. The group will
then present their analysis to the class in an engaging presentation.
 Allegory - story and characters as representatives of real persons, societies, issues
 Themes – Analyze the key themes in the novel (ex. The importance of storytelling,
censorship vs. freedom of speech etc.)
 Rushdie’s Style / Language – Rushdie’s use of word play, devices, imagery,
figurative language and their purpose (note: omit allusions)
 Allusions – Biblical, literary – myths, tales, pop culture – analyze their purpose and
how this contributes to Rushdie’s style and purpose.
 Authorial Perspectives – (satire, parody) Rushdie’s commentary on political, social,
religious issues in Eastern and Western societies.
 Symbolism –identify symbols – objects, characters and events and what they
represent; Imagery (ex. light/dark)
 Quest- hero’s adventure; monomyth; characters etc. and analysis of why this form
would be used.
Theories: Archetypal, Feminist, Psychoanalysis, Marxist, Post-Colonial
Once you have chosen a topic, your group is to divide the analysis into sub-topics.
Task: Each person will analyze one or more of the sub-topics and complete a written
analysis. The written analysis must be supported by the primary source (the novel) and
at least one secondary source (research). This is to be 1 - 2 pages typed, double spaced,
12 font.
Once you have completed the written component, you are to plan a presentation of
your analysis to the class. Your presentation should include the following:
1. Handout: Create a handout for the class which summarizes the major points in your
presentation. This should be concise, organized, visually appealing and contain no
errors in language conventions (spelling, grammar. . . ). This may also be used in
conjunction with the selected multimedia form (ie. fill in the blanks / word search,
quiz etc. based on the multi-media presentation)
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
2. Multi-Media: Incorporate one or more of the following multi-media forms to
present your information:
a) Power Point: Use to organize the presentation: display images, CONCISE
information, textual references. This may also be used in conjunction with the
handout (not to replace)
**NOTE: Power point is to be used to support the overall presentation and not
to be used as a script.
Each group must inform the teacher ahead of time if this is to be used. It must
also be set up/tested ahead of time as scheduled. Technical difficulties will not
be a permissible excuse.
b) Video: Show a clip of a movie or television show (limited in length) which
illustrates the topic being presented. A group may also choose to create a clip
based on a key scene(s) from the novel.
**NOTE: Once again, technical difficulties will not be a permissible excuse.
c) Music: Play a clip of a song which has similar meaning to the assigned
d) Other: Posters, game boards etc. may also be used to support the
information presented and/or ensure class involvement in the
o Research – Use primary and secondary sources to complete your analysis
o Works Cited / MLA – All sources must be cited correctly *see school website
o All work must be typed, double spaced, 12 font in MLA *submitted individually*
o Length: Approximately 20 minutes (no more than 30 minutes)
o Prepare your display, overheads and other multi-media well in advance
o Prepare your information well in advance
o Know your information – memorize, but also be able to develop ideas
o Class involvement: include the class in your presentation – ask questions, prepare
an activity, play a game, discuss quotes (remember they have read the novel!)
o Rehearse your presentation – the presentation in front of the class should not be
the first time you go through your presentation. Plan to meet outside of class time.
o Choose group members carefully. All group members will be responsible for a
component of the presentation (as decided ahead of time). However, each group
member is responsible for knowing all information. Groups will present on the
assigned date. *Be prepared to present if a member is absent
DUE DATE: Monday, November 3rd, 2014 - all written work will be submitted; all
groups must be prepared.