DSA Assessment Plan

DSA Assessment Plan
Department Name:
Assessment Plan for Academic
Assessment Contact(s)
(if not the director):
Department Mission Statement:
Department Vision Statement:
Department Goals:
Campus Recreation
Kim Clark - [email protected]
Melanee Wood - [email protected]
Campus Recreation provides the UH community an inclusive environment that cultivates the development of life
skills through engaging and meaningful recreational programs, facilities, and services.
UH Campus Recreation aspires to create a culture of: Intentionality, by creating experiential learning
opportunities that meet the needs of the diverse UH community; Engagement, by providing opportunities for
involvement through the utilization of extraordinary facilities, programs, and services; Student Success, by
creating a student driven department with professional leadership
1. Analyze and improve departmental processes and procedures, focusing on customer service and staff
efficiencies, while incorporating technology that demonstrates a commitment to University green initiatives.
2. Execute the 5-year Capital Plan to effectively use resources that will allow for facilities and equipment
upgrades in order to provide quality programs and services to the UH community.
3. Further develop and implement a departmental assessment cycle to provide ongoing evaluation of programs,
facilities, and services.
4. Create and/or expand program opportunities targeting new students that will contribute to a more vibrant
collegiate experience.
5.Develop and implement holistic student development opportunities that contribute to student success for
student staff and participants.
DSA Assessment Plan
Program or Services Being Assessed: Program Area Assessments
Learning Outcome(s) and/or
Program Objective(s)
•Students who participate in Campus Recreation
registered programs (intramurals, sport clubs,
aquatics, trips, etc.) will be able to identify
transferable skills gained through participation in
those programs. •Students will be able to identify
strategies, including sports and fitness, to reduce
stress and improve mental health. •Program
directors will gain insight into the satisfaction,
marketing, and scheduling of their programs.
Each of the 7 programming
arms of CR will administer a
survey through Campus Labs
to assess one of their major
programs. The 7 surveys will
contain a mixture of
standardized questions
pertaining to Campus
Recreation as a whole and
items specific to each
individual program area.
Each program will administer
their survey once during the
academic year. Programspecific assessments in some
form will occur once every
three years, though not
necessarily with the exact
same surveys being readministered.
Program or Services Being Assessed: Student Employment - All-Staff Training
Learning Outcome(s) and/or
Program Objective(s)
•Students who participate in all-staff training will
be able to identify all CR rules, regulations, and
procedures. •Students will know the
departmental Emergency Action Plan. •Students
will be able to apply principles of customer service
to daily work.
Pre-, Post-, and Follow-Up
assessment via survey
administered via Campus
Each of the 7 surveys will
occur in a different month of
the year.
Survey will be administered
August 19, August 21, and
three times. Plans for a repeat early-mid October
assessment will be
determined after data
evaluation if major changes to
the training model are
deemed appropriate.
Goal(s) Supported
The purpose of this
assessment is to gather
information about the
programs we offer from both
a large- and small- scale lens.
We are interested in gathering
information about the impact
CR has on students' learning
and development and also
how we can better provide
these services to students.
This assessment directly
supports and examines the
department's mission and
progress toward our vision.
Information gathered from
these assessments will
support Campus Recreation
goals number 1,2, and 3, as
well as support the divisional
strategic initiative for
learning, engagement, and
Goal(s) Supported
To identify the knowledge and
skill that students gain and
retain from the Departmental
staff training.
Supports point 3 of
departmental vision
statement, departmental goal
5 and DSA initiatives of
learning, engagement, and
DSA Assessment Plan
Program or Services Being Assessed: Student Employment - Red Manikin Drills
Learning Outcome(s) and/or
Program Objective(s)
Observation of drills recorded
on a standardized rubric and
transcribed into Campus Labs staff will receive a pass or fail
Student employees will demonstrate proper
techniques of CPR, First Aid, and AED according to rating during the RMD; an 80%
is required to pass the drill.
American Red Cross standards as well as proper
protocol and decision making through the
implementation of the Department of Campus
Recreation Emergency Action Plan.
Each student will be drilled at
least once per academic year.
Students who fail their first
RMD will receive a second
drill. Remediation courses will
be required for students who
are unable to pass two RMDs.
12 months - due to the length
of time that each RMD takes
to conduct (30-40 minutes)
and the large number of
students who need to be
assessed (~250)
To ensure staff have the
knowledge and skills to
implement the Emergency
Action Plan and provide
appropriate care for
Goal(s) Supported
Assessment being repeated
from previous year and
supports departmental goals
3 and 5 and DSA initiatives of
learning, engagement, and