: Student Learning Goals Name:______________________________________

Student Learning Goals:
use information technology for a variety of purposes related to international business;
demonstrate an understanding of the factors that influence a country's ability to participate in international business;
identify Canada's major trading partners and locate them on a map
1. Go to the following website https://www.cia.gov/ and fill out the following chart:
Note: you may also use other web sites – be sure to cite all other sources used.
Knowing Canada
World Region
Languages spoken/taught
Currency used
Capital City
Time Zones
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Unemployment Rate
Literacy Rate
Age expectancy for male and female
Type of Government
Government in power (federal)
World Economic Organizations that Canada belongs
to (list 5 – full names of organizations)
Entry Requirements and Travel Advisory (if any)
Labour force by occupation in a %
Business Culture (identify business norms – 3 to 5)
Canada’s ranking on the HDI index – what 3 indicators
is this based on?
List any other Sources used here:
2. Go to the following website http://www.travelpod.com/traveler-iq and play the “How Well Do You
Know Your World” Quiz – Record your score and level reached