OPTI617 Advanced Optical Design

OPTI617 Advanced Optical Design
This course starts with the fundamental optical design methods and then discusses the designs of
commonly used optical systems. For each system, the course will cover the principles, design methods,
and design examples.
In addition to homework and projects, students will design one complete optical system.
Prerequisite: OPTI 517
Course outline
1. Introduction to optical design
2. Optical system engineering
a. System specification
b. Light sources and detectors
c. Optical materials
d. Fabrication methods
3. Optimization of optical systems
a. Correction of aberrations
b. Special correction features
4. Design for manufacturability
a. Tolerancing
b. Stray light and ghost image analysis
5. Illumination systems
6. Telescopes
7. Microscope optics
8. Biomedical imaging systems
9. Photographic systems
10. Display systems
11. Lithographic systems
12. Infrared systems
13. Miscellaneous topics
a. Optical thin film
b. Physical optics modeling
c. Diffractive optics
Homework: 50%
Final project: 35%
Presentation: 15%
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