Special Effects

Special Effects
Illusions or tricks of the eyes to
simulate the imagined events in a
story or virtual world
Two traditional Categories of SFX
1. Optical Effects
2. Mechanical Effects
Optical Effects
Techniques in which images or film
frames are created photographically or
in post production processes using an
optical printer.
Used to place actors or sets against a
different background.
Movie Magic Episode 2 - Optical FX Discovery
Channel ILM Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Types of Optical Effects
 Animation
 Pixilation
 Blue screen
 Front Projection effect
 Rear projection effect
 Matte painting
 Glass shot
Mechanical Effects
• Effects that use mechanized props, scenery,
scale models, animatronics, pyrotechnics to
accomplish a desired outcome during live
action shooting.
• Mechanical effects are often incorporated into
set design and makeup.
Types of Mechanical Effects
• Explosions
• Special Mechanical Rigs
• Support systems
• Stunts
• Pyrotechnics
• Scale Models
• Laser lighting
Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)
• Computer generated imagery, in
film terms, is the utilization of
computer graphics instead of, or
in addition to, mechanical and
optical effects.
• CGI gives film-makers greater
control, and allows many effects
to be accomplished more safely
and convincingly—and even, as
technology improves, at lower