Seeing in Infrared Quick Lab Activity

Grade 10 Academic Science
Unit 4: Optics
Activity 1: Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Seeing in Infrared
Quick Lab Activity
The wave model of light describes how certain properties of light can be compared with those of
water waves as they travel over its surface. The wavelengths of light that are shorter or longer
than those of the visible spectrum cannot be detected by human eyes. Or can they? In this short
activity you will see in the infrared region of the spectrum without the use of night goggles.
The purpose of this activity is to observe infrared radiation.
 infrared based remote controller
 digital camera
1. Locate the part of the controller that produces the infrared beam (Usually the top of the
controller). Make sure that you cannot see the beam of light that it transmits.
2. Point the controller at a digital camera and view the controller in operation through the
camera display. What do you see?
1. All digital cameras can detect radiation in the infrared region of the spectrum (red-eye).
Did the visible radiation have a longer or a shorter wavelength than the radiation that
was produced by the controller?
2. You may have observed that when pointed at the remote control, the camera allowed
you to see in infrared. These rays are normally invisible to the human eye, so how was
this possible? Explain your answer.
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