Coefficient of Drag Lab (due Friday)

Coefficient of Drag Lab (due Friday)
The lab should be PROFESSIONAL. Ensure important data is highlighted/underlined.
The lab is due Friday, at the beginning of class.
1. Plot a graph of force of gravity/drag versus speed2. TITLE should be descriptive.
2. For the first data point, determine the range for speed2. Assume an error of 3 cm for
the distance. Assume an error of 0.2 seconds for the time (if you are using an Iphone,
reduce the error of time by a factor of 8). Plot an error bar for this range on the graph.
3. Repeat question 2 for the final data point.
4. For your graph, plot a line of best fit. Calculate the slope of the line of best fit. The
slope is called the coefficient of drag (c). Include units for the constant (and Sig Fig).
5. Draw free body diagrams for the falling object when it has reached terminal velocity
and before it has achieved terminal velocity.
6. Why is it important to allow the filter to fall a short distance before starting to record