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Division of Academic Affairs & Administration & Finance
To: Faculty and Staff
From: Provost John Antel and Executive Vice President Carl Carlucci
Subject: Holiday Celebrations
This year the State is facing the full effect of the slow-down in the national economy. It is only now that
Texas is realizing that our economy and our state revenue will be greatly reduced. Last year, the
University was required to reduce our budget by 5%, which we tried to do strategically, with a maximum
of reform and a minimum of brute force, but still we were required to separate some employees from
the university.
As the holiday season approaches we are reminded of those who had to leave the university and the
possibility of future lay-offs. Our wish is not to abandon our traditions or the holiday spirit, but to
celebrate in a manner that respects this circumstance.
With this in mind, we want to caution against holiday celebrations or events funded from university
sources. Celebrations of the season supported by our own contributions are not a problem. University
support in the form of small in-kind contributions or donated funds may also be appropriate, in
university facilities.
Large or lavish celebrations or off campus celebrations will not receive university support of any kind.
The view of what constitutes lavish or large or appropriate is, as we know, subjective. Unfortunately,
the lens is often the public’s eye, and state government deficits and university budget reductions don’t
reconcile with university funds for holiday celebrations.
To help you through the decision process, we ask that any event be approved in advance, using the
University Official Events ( - MAPP 05.02.02 Addendum A).
In advance means that the approval is to be obtained before arrangements and commitments are made
and invitations distributed.