From Barbarism to Universality
Language and Identity in
Early Modern France
Christopher Coski
As European vernaculars emerged from the shadow of Latin in the early modern era,
the French language acquired greater prestige than any other on the continent while
French culture simultaneously came to exert a disproportionately large influence
across national borders. Christopher Coski closely examines landmark French texts
from the period to explore the literary and philosophical forces at play in a transformation of French self-perception, as French intellectuals from the sixteenth through
eighteenth centuries moved away from viewing their language and culture as barbaric
and came to advocate them as universal models of cultivation and civilization.
Coski examines the treatment of French linguistic and cultural evolution as a literary
theme, following the conversation as these writers envisioned an increasingly refined
national language and identity. From an early notion that French was inadequate to Rivarol’s conclusion of “that which is not clear is not French,” the idea emerged that these
refinements came as natural expressions of the perceived superiority of the language
itself and thus justified its rise in prominence. Complementing and expanding on existing sociohistorical studies, Coski’s account weaves literary ideas, linguistic philosophy,
and cultural context into a deft analysis of how the construction of French identity
on individual and communal levels stemmed in part from a philosophy of language
developed during the rapid transformation of an undervalued vernacular into a highly
esteemed international mode of expression.
November 2011, 216 pages, 1 illus.
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Christopher Coski is an associate
professor of French at Ohio University
and an assistant editor for the French
Review. His scholarship has appeared in
French Forum, French Review, Dalhousie
French Studies, Essays in French Literature,
and 1650–1850: Ideas, Æsthetics, and
Inquiries in the Early Modern Era.
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