St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas
Regional Centre For The Arts
2016-2017 School Year
Enrollment Contract
Student Name:
The following are terms of agreement for all students and parents accepting
admission to a program in the Centre for the Arts at St. Thomas Aquinas
Secondary School:
 I understand that this is a four-year program and I am ready and willing to
make a commitment to this enhanced learning opportunity. I have reviewed
the Education Planner on the website and understand that I will take
RAP courses every semester throughout high school.
 I understand that I am expected to participate fully in extra and co-curricular
activities related to my arts major.
 I understand that my academics, attendance and behaviour must be
acceptable in order to remain in the program. If this is not the case there will
be a review process initiated.
 I understand that if it is the review committee’s decision to remove me from
the arts major, I will be placed in regular stream classes and if I am on a
flex boundary I must return to my home school the following year.
 I understand that I must model and exemplify Catholic values at all times.
Parent Name:
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Signature of Student
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