Student Rules World Language Lab 2008 - 2009

Student Rules
World Language Lab
2008 - 2009
 No food or drink, including water, is allowed in the lab. Remember no gum or
candy either.
 Students should preferably use pencils to write in-lab exercises.
 Leave backpacks in the designated area. Do not take them to your lab station.
 Sit only in your assigned seat.
 Check for damage before you begin and immediately report it to your teacher.
 You are financially liable for any damages done to your computer station.
 Only access those sites authorized by your teacher. Failure to do so will result
in loss of credit for that assignment.
 Keep language appropriate and in the target language in all lab activities.
Remember that the teacher is monitoring you during lab time.
 Please log in as instructed by your teacher in order to receive credit for your
 When class is finished; clean your area, restart your computer and push in your
chair and keyboard tray.
I have read and understand these rules. According to school policy, I understand that
parents are financially responsible for any damages created by their student.
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