English IV: Composition

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English IV: Composition
One definition of composition is the act or product of writing (The American Heritage
Dictionary 143). This is true. In this class, you will write every day. The act of writing every
day and the extra knowledge you will gain in this course concerning writing will make you a
better writer.
Another definition of composition (offered from the same source above) is the
arrangement of artistic parts so as to form a unified whole. This is the definition I prefer.
Writing is an art form. Writing, like any other art form, takes practice and skill. For most of us,
writing does not come naturally. Perhaps it is because of this that many people see writing as a
chore rather than an opportunity to express themselves. Luckily, with practice and patience, all of
us can become better writers.
This class is about your goals for writing. It is also about personal responsibility and
having pride in your work. I want to stress again that you will write every day; however, every
piece you complete will lead to improvement if you follow directions and put effort into your
work. By the end of the semester, your writing will be more sophisticated, organized, and
Tentative Units (subject to change)
One: scholarship essay / personal essay
Three: written response
 Pre-writing process
 Writing for different subject
 Development, logical progression, and
 Funnel intro and reverse funnel conclusion
 Study strategies
 Analyze sample essays
 Preparation/ reading for the intention of
 Annotation
 Peer and Self-Editing
 Peer and self-editing
introduction and logical progression
Two: / paragraph writing
Four: formal essay preparation (partner
 Quote incorporation
 Elements of writing a formal essay (all
 Elements of good writing (topic sentence,
previous rules apply)
explanation/analysis/support, concluding
sentence, transitions, grammar, mechanics)  Practice research skills
 Sentence structure and clarity
 Intended audience
 Point of view
 Works Cited page
Five: Research Paper
 MLA format
 Topic of choice
 Active voice
Six: Research Paper Speech
 Peer and self-editing
EXTRA INFO: Throughout the semester students will work on various punctuation, grammar, and
mechanics exercises. There will be a final exam. 
Class rules:
1. Have respect.
2. School policy will be followed. Please be familiar with the Student Handbook.
3. It is your responsibility to see me concerning work missed during an absence. Always
check the absent folder!
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Ms. Schmitz
English IV: Composition
27 January 2014
Creative Title
Begin the introduction here. When writing a formal essay, always use the funnel
introduction! Do not forget that this means the writer starts with a general idea and
works towards a specific idea—thesis statement.
Tips for Success
 Be on time and prepared.
 Take good notes in class.
 Use your time wisely when given time to work.
 Always read the assignment twice and ask questions before starting.
 Refer back to your rubric multiple times while working on an assignment and before
final submission.
 Save your work continuously. Save it here or on Google Docs
 Use the Writing Center.
 Proofread: spelling, grammar, mechanics, structure, organization, repetition etc.
 Use MLA format (header—as seen above, structure, quote incorporation, citations,
works cited, etc).
 Treat the computers nicely—they are not your personal property and the privilege of
using them can be taken away. If something at your station is not working, let me
know immediately.