MINUTES Approved

St. Nicholas Catholic School
Advisory Council Meeting
Meeting Date:
Meeting Start:
October 23, 2008
7:00 pm
Meeting Adjourned 8:45 pm
C. Santerossa
Minutes: J. Nielsen
K. Lisozzi, M. Scaccia, M. DeAmicis, J. Borcca, P. Kirk-Aosick, E. Fisher, S.
Pelligrino, D. Provenzano, C. Santerossa, M. Sarri, D. Morse, B. Gawlik, T. Macri,
S. Nicoletta, J. Nielsen
T. Sunseri,
Welcome / Opening
 Meeting called to order
 Opening prayers – Virtue of Empathy
 Introductions
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
(June Meeting)
Treasurer Report
 Call for additions
o Allergy Awareness
Motion to accept minutes: K. Lisozzi 2nd – J. Brocca
All in favour - carried
Motion to accept minutes as written: M. DeAmicis
2nd – M. Sarri
All in favour - carried
 No changes
 Reviewed Receipts and Expenditures
 $2500 donated to School by Walmart for Rainbow Club
in 2007 – 2008 Council Year – spent $347.42 – balance
to be transferred to the school account is $2152.58
 Reviewed process for issuing cheques
o All expenditure requisitions relating to
approved budgeted items (i.e., Halloween
dance, school presentations etc)
o All expenditure requisitions relating to
ongoing activities, specifically pizza days,
be approved for payment by one of the chair
or treasurer. To be approved for payment by
the treasurer up to the council approved
budget limit. They are to be reported at the
next council meeting.
Motion to take out balance of Rainbow funds and move to
school account: K. Lisozzi
2nd – D. Provenzano
All in favour - carried
Principals Update
Month In Review
 Faith Development - Food drive – collected for
Caledon Community Services
 Sports - 6 students to board competition,
Intermediate girls and boys volleyball to start
 Artists in the School –
o Q-Maqck presentation – bullying
presentation – well received
o Allan Shane - a person with disability
presentation to students 4 – 8 great
exposure for students to see how barriers
can be overcome
o Friday (K – 3) – Theatre Beyond Words
 Curriculum
o Gr. 5 - 8 – student vote - great opportunity
for students to understand the election
o A number of mad science presentations
offered throughout the grades
Buss driver appreciation – October 22 (Hot
chocolate / cookies)
Prof. Dev.
o JK / SK Teachers – half day inservice for
o Jr Teachers - inservice for higher order
thinking skills
Looking ahead
o School wide student recognition assembly –
virtues of empathy
o Looking at some intramural activities – for
junior grades
o Want to look for opportunities for all
students to participate in sports recognizing
not all can play on the school teams
o Curriculum night being planned
o Nov 3 – Celebration of Saints
Pro-grant being offered by ministry up to $1000.00 –
proposal submitted for communication tool for front of the
Letter sent to parents re: Kiss n’ Ride concerns – trying to
encourage safe processes – Volunteers requested from
Parent Council to help blitz next week to try to get
message across re: safety
Council members
interested in
volunteering to
contact Mr.
New High School – St. Michaels – slated for 2010
Some decisions required around logistics – will be
opportunity for parents to contribute
Allergy Awareness – update – start up will forthcoming –
more information to follow
Staff Wish List for Council Funds:
 Artists in the School (14)
 Alter (9)
 Classroom Games (9)
 Line Painting – School Yard (8)
 Peace Garden (7)
 Math Manipulatives / Dictionaries (7)
 Kindergarten Toys / Games (5)
Discussion on wish list – clarification of needs provided
Discussion regarding Peace Garden for clarification
Agreement from last meeting that would set priorities for
fundraising. Recommendation to defer decision until after
Halloween Dance-a-Thon as will have a better idea re:
funds available.
Council to consider submitted items as well as others.
Council to be ready to discuss next meeting.
Question raised re: need for fence – safety concerns
Information provided based on previous history re: fence
request. Research clarified that only restriction was around
cat walks. Letter sent to parents 2 years ago for vote,
majority of respondents wanted fence however, the % of
respondents was not sufficient therefore fence was not
endorsed. Discussion re: approach to raising issue again to
determine if a concern of majority of parents. Also
discussion re: other options to address safety concerns. To
be tabled for future discussion.
Central Committee for Catholic School Councils:
 Meeting 2 weeks ago – opportunity for Trustees to
provide an update
 Offering an in service training on October 25th hand out provided
Mr. Fischer to
pull out last years
contributions i.e.,
All Star support
Council members
to bring forward
other items for
discussion for
next meeting
New Business
Logistics on track – prizes being purchased
DJ booked and confirmed ($350.00)
Envelopes / supplies ($91.00)
Could still use volunteers to support counting
Recommendation that send out a reminder notice providing
a bit more info. what entails, what prizes are, etc.
Pictures with Santa
1 5X7 plus a CD – fee is $10 - $1 goes to school
Up to 4 children in picture
Tentatively date set for Nov 29 1-4
31.50 / hr for custodian services – would need to cover for
4 hours – Discussion re: logistics
Discussion as to whether should have craft sale at same
Motion: T. Macri to book for Thursday evening Nov 27 –
C. Santerissa
2nd – D. Provenzano
All in favour - carried
Motion: To increase price to 15.00 therefore $6 goes to
school – M. Sarri
2nd – D. Provenzano
7 in favour
2 opposed
Motion: B. Gawlick & K. Lisozzi to coordinate bake sale
on same evening as pictures – B. Gwlick
2nd – K. Lisozzi
All in favour - carried
Looking Ahead
School Council By-laws - deferred
Penny – Fundraiser:
 Students bring in rolled pennies – goes to library
 Prizes – similar to last year tickets to Hockey Hall
of Fame,
Motion to conduct penny fundraiser for the Library – M.
All in favour - carried
Motion to adjourn Meeitng (8:450 – M. Sarri
2nd - J. Brocca
All in favour - carried
Next Meeting: November 20, 2008
Time: 7:00 pm
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