Beginner Spanish

Beginner Spanish
Syllabus and Student Responsibilities
Mrs. Colvin
Room B203
Phone: 610-627-6268
E-mail: [email protected]
Gmail: [email protected]
Website: (click on – Penncrest/efaculty/Colvin)
To students and parents:
¡Hola! Welcome to Beginner Spanish! Please read the following information. I expect that
you will adhere to the information provided.
This course is a basic introduction to the Spanish language. Beginner Spanish is a full
year course that uses Realidades 1 (the 1st half, chapters Para Empezar – 4B). There is
an emphasis on the mastery of the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In
addition, this course provides students with an insight into everyday life in Spanishspeaking countries.
Students should bring the following materials to class everyday (unless I indicate otherwise
the day before):
§ Realidades 1 workbook
§ I-pad
§ A folder
§ Pen or pencil
In order to take full advantage of the time we have in class, I expect students to observe
the following guidelines:
§ Be seated and prepared for class when the bell rings (with all the necessary
Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat
Follow directions and complete all assignments on time
Remain alert, awake and on task during the class period
Respect yourself, those around you and the teacher (and their possessions)
Remember to keep in mind these 3 words- Punctual, Polite, and Prepared.
I-pads and mobile devices may not be used except when directed by me.
The grade earned in this class will be based on the following:
§ Participation. This evaluation is the most subjective of the course, in that I will be
the final determinant of the grade. In any foreign language class, it is extremely
important to use and practice the language. However, there is more to the grade
than just raising your hand. Proper participation includes arrival on time,
preparedness for class, and focus during class. As high school students, you are
well aware of what constitutes proper classroom behavior.
§ Homework. Homework is a useful tool to review the material taught and is
a building block for the next topic or grammar point. In other words, it is very
important! It will be given most nights and will be checked at the beginning of class
each day. Occasionally, it will be collected and graded. Each assignment is worth
5-10 points. Homework will be posted on the board and on my website. Make sure
to check it and write it down! Late or incomplete homework assignments will not be
accepted, except in the case of an excused absence. Homework will be due the
day the student returns from his/her absence (check the hotline!). The student is
responsible for showing me their homework after being absent.
Quizzes. Students will be quizzed on material at least once per week. Most
quizzes will be announced, but there may also be some “pop” quizzes. (about 3-4
per chapter)
Chapter tests. At the end of each chapter students will be evaluated in all skillsspeaking, reading, writing and listening. (about 2-3 per quarter)
Additional assessments. In addition to a mid-term and a final exam, projects will
also be assigned.
Make up work:
Getting assignments and making up work after absence is YOUR responsibility.
§ Ask a friend for notes missed in class and pick up any worksheets from your class
§ Check my website.
§ If you miss a test or quiz, it will be dated and placed in a folder on my desk. You will
schedule a date/time to make it up.
§ When you are absent from class but are in school (i.e. sectional, field trip, early
dismissal, lateness)…
o Check in with me before the class you are going to miss to let me know that
you will not be in class that day.
o Show me your homework that is due, take any quizzes/tests, and copy down
the homework for that night
If you were in school to get the homework, it is due the day you return. Unexcused
absences will not be able to make up work.
A Note About Academic Integrity:
As outlined in the Penncrest High School Student handbook (p.9-10), students are
expected to approach their studies in a diligent and honest manner. Any student cheating
(or aiding another student in cheating) on a test or quiz, copying homework from another,
using a translator, or otherwise behaving in a dishonest manner will earn a grade of zero
for that particular assessment, and the student’s parents will be notified.
Suggestions for Success:
§ Be sure to keep up with the work; language classes constantly build on what was
done the day before. This means that if you didn’t understand the lesson, the next
lesson will be even harder. Concepts are revisited and expanded upon all the time.
ASK ASK ASK!!! If you didn’t understand something in the lesson—ASK! Your
classmates might have the same question and need clarification as well!
I will be available after school on most afternoons until about 3 or 3:30pm for any
extra help, just let me know ahead of time.
If on a particular night homework is not given, use the time to review the days
lesson, make flashcards to learn new vocabulary, revisit old vocabulary, or watch a
segment of Spanish News on Univisión or Telemundo.
Respectful and cooperative attitudes will only enhance class time and make our year a
positive and enjoyable one. I hope that you will find Beginner Spanish an exciting and
interesting class!
I encourage parents and students to contact me directly if you have any questions or
I look forward to having you in class!
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