As an administrative team we would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to another year full of new
initiatives and inspirational activities within both the school and the greater Pocock community. To begin with, let us
welcome our new staff to the Pocock family, namely: Ms. Ceccomancini, Ms. Chalmers, Ms. Di Croce, Ms. Di Nardo,
Ms. Puim, Mr. Scerni, Mr. Southwell, and finally our new vice-principal Ms. Terra.
Philip Pocock continues to live up to its school motto – “A school with spirit!” This belief was clearly evident throughout
the myriad of activities involving our students, staff and parents over the course of the first semester. At the midpoint in
semester one, we reflect upon the countless events that exemplify our Pocock pride. The homecoming football game at
Centennial Stadium was a genuine example of what a caring Catholic community truly is, as the evening included: returning alumnae, the energetic school band, cheerleading squad, and our countless school fans.
Our school Chaplin Scott Smalridge was instrumental in planning our grade 9 Mega Retreat which offered our students
the opportunity to build community and positive relationships with one another. The Thanksgiving Food Drive and
“Hoodies for the Homeless” were yet two more examples of community outreach and our lived faith. Our grade 9
students also participated in “Take Your Kids to Work Day” on November 7, 2012.
Academically speaking, our school community continues to foster a commitment to student success and increased
student achievement. The Academic Awards Night was a showcase of our students’ dedication and hard work that filled
many families with a tremendous sense of pride. The Guidance department has been hard at work to help
prepare our future Catholic school graduates via individual conferencing and numerous College/University
presentations to explore potential life-long learning pathways. Our staff is also preparing our grade 10
students in anticipation of the provincial literacy test through weekly literacy activities.
As we approach the mid-semester point, parents will also have
received the mid-term report cards, which were issued on
Wednesday November 21.
Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School
4555 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1J9
Charles Blanchard, Superintendent
Mario Pascucci, Chair of the Board, Tustee Wards 1 & 3
[email protected]
Fax: 905-890-0888
Anna Abbruscato, Trustee Ward 4
[email protected]
Vice Principals
905-890-0708 x24239
Henry Tyndorf
Giacinto Malta
Maria Terra
School Council Chair Marija Skrinjar
The Parent Council has been very active within our school
community. Please remember that all Pocock parents are welcome at all School Council meetings. The meetings are held in
the school library on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
With regards to school programs, Pocock is proud to inform our
school community of the successful development and implementation of the “Motoring into the Future” Specialist High Skills
Major in Transportation. Furthermore, in keeping with our promise as a faith-filled and inclusive Catholic community, we are
privileged to introduce the new Autism Spectrum Disorder Program (ASD) here at Pocock.
Lastly, we encourage parents to subscribe to the PhilipPocockInfo email list. Please contact the school and provide us with an
email address to receive school information regarding news and
events. Please visit our website –
Thank you for your continued support of our school as
we continue our mission to provide quality
Catholic education to your children.
The Pocock Chaplaincy Team was busy organizing two major events
this fall: the grade 9 mega-retreat, and the Thanksgiving program.
Grade 9 mega-retreat: September 20, 2012 was our
second annual grade nine ‘mega-retreat’. Every single grade
nine student gathered at Saint Volodymyr Cultural Centre
for prayer, reflection, an inspirational guest speaker (Ken
Dryfhout), and musical guests ‘BlueVeil Ministries’. Our
Link Leaders helped run the retreat, guiding their groups in
a discussion about the importance of ‘standing up’ for our
faith, for what is right, and for peace and respect in our
school community. What a great way for the newest members of our student body to
experience the truth of our Pocock motto: “Let this be a school with spirit!”
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to God for his many blessings, but it is also a time of giving to
those in need. This year, our Thanksgiving drive (organized by Mrs. Tonelli) raised over 3000 pounds of food donations
for the Mississauga Food Bank. Our grade-level assemblies (October 3 and 4) gathered us for prayer and a reflection
on unearthing the ‘buried treasure’ in our lives – the treasure and gifts God has given us.
Grade Nine Link Breakfast: What happens when you combine 250 grade
nine students, 60 student mentors, and a whole lot of food, fun, and games?
The fourth annual ‘Grade Nine Link Breakfast’! Grade nine students had a
chance to share a meal with their link groups while enjoying the entertaining
and educational trivia challenges served up by Mr. Downey. This event is
an essential part of our school’s ‘Link Crew’ program – a special strategy
designed to help grade nine students make a safe and successful transition
into high school. Special thanks to our Link Crew Teachers who organized
the morning: Mr. Costa, Ms. Dollin, Mr. Downey, and Ms. Niewiada.
NEW! – January 28, 30, 31 and February 1
Kindergarten Registration for 2013-14
Registration for Junior, Senior and Full-Day Kindergarten for the
2013-14 school year, will take place at all Catholic elementary
schools in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Bolton and Orangeville
on the following days:
Monday, January 28, 2013*
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Thursday, January 31, 2013
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Friday, February 1, 2013
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
*Snow Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2-13
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
DPCDSB is now on Twitter!
For the latest board news
And information, follow us
is also on twitter
For more information, visit the Kindergarten Registration webpage: Get ready for an adventure down the yellow brick
road! Pocock Fine Arts will be performing “The
Wizard of Oz" during the month of May 2013 (TBA). This performance is a collaborative effort between
Pocock's Drama, Dance, and Music programs. Many of Pocock's talented fine arts students will be
involved in this production.
Auditions were a success, and the play has been cast. Rehearsals are well under way. Actors are trying
to hit their marks. Singers and musicians are trying to hit their notes, and dancers are learning to dance
their way to the Emerald City!
If you would like to support Pocock Fine Arts, bring your little Munchkins out to see
The Wizard of Oz" this May!
Philip Pocock C.S.S celebrates another successful launch of
their version of the “Get Ready for Secondary School”
transition program. This year's program, which took place
in late August (20- 23), involved the participation of over
120 of our new grade 9 students.
The “Get Ready!” Program is designed to facilitate the
transition of students from Grade 8 into high school by providing them with an opportunity to review key concepts in
literacy and numeracy, as well as introducing effective learning strategies and organizational skills. The program also
consists of orientation to the secondary school setting including an overview of secondary programs, schedules,
school layout and practices.
What is S.Q.U.A.D? We are Pocock students striving for:
Success, Quality, Unity, Ambition, and Determination. This
semester we continue to learn through experience. We have
given our muscle to Dr. Simone's warehouse to help the less
fortunate. We pushed ourselves at Altitude McMaster University through leadership activities. We learned how to communicate and work together at Silvercreek Outdoor Centre. Also,
we won 2nd prize for entering our photo of what freedom
means to us at Freedom Day 2012. (see attached photo of our
outdoor classroom). Our program meets the diverse needs of
each individual student enabling us to grow as learners and
This 20 hour program
allows for our incoming students to meet
and interact with a
new peer group as
well as form new
connections with
members of the secondary faculty.
Student feedback was extremely positive. Students felt that
the program resulted in decreased levels of student anxiety
and apprehension. Review of literacy and numeracy concepts also assisted in the mental re-engagement of students
after a lengthy summer break. Students also enjoyed participating in cooperative games designed to promote team
and community building.
The Get Ready Program represents another example of
our ever changing and improving Transition Plan for our
school and community. This program coupled with our
active “Link Crew” initiative only adds to our ability to offer a
positive, successful and seamless transition to the secondary
environment for our students.
Mr. Mezgec - Student Success Teacher - SST
On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 all the grade 9 students
at Philip Pocock participated in Take Our Kids to Work
Day. On this day, our students job shadowed a parent,
relative or family friend at their workplace. This is The
Learning Partnership’s signature program involving more
than 250,000 Grade 9 students annually. It was an opportunity to explore a career, understand the importance of
staying in school and develop an understanding for their
parents’ careers and roles in supporting the family.
The Social Sciences Department has undergone some changes since last June. Mr. Coccimiglio, Department
Head, has become Vice-Principal at Mount Carmel. We congratulate and wish him well as he begins a new
chapter in his educational career. Stepping in as Acting Department Head is Ms. Gotal. We would also like to
welcome back Ms. Sarwan, who is teaching Travel & Tourism, as well as Mr. Mancini, who permanently joins the
Social Science Department.
Several trips have been planned for students’ in a variety of social
science subject areas to enhance students understanding of the
Thus far, Grade 9 Geography students braved a rainy October
day to experience Toronto through a guided walking tour with
WalkT.O. The tour focused on eco-sustainability, and students
were able to visit “green” buildings that including living walls and
rooftop gardens. The day ended with lunch in Chinatown! The tour
certainly reinforced that everyone can do their part in creating
and sustaining a greener city, and subsequently, a greener planet!
Meanwhile, Grade 10 History classes visited the Canadian Warplane
Heritage Museum, a living museum featuring the aircraft used by
Canadians and Canada's Military from the beginning of World War II up
to the present. The museum strives to create an educational experience
that allows students to experience Canadian history.
Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology students saw
anthropology come to life when Professor D. Popowich from Mohawk College/McMaster University
provided students with a fascinating lecture on introductory theories on both physical and cultural anthropology. The lecture reinforced concepts studied in class, and also provided a hands-on
experience through an examination of a variety of skulls and bones.
York University welcomed our Grade 12 Human Growth and Development, and Canadian and World
Issues students as they had the unique opportunity to experience first year lectures in both
psychology and geography. This was definitely an eye-opening experience for our students and
what awaits them next year as they prepare to embark on a new journey in their academic lives.
There are still several trips scheduled throughout the semester including a trip to the Centre for
Addiction and Mental health, Medieval Times and the Supreme Court of Ontario.
More information to come on these trips in the next newsletter!
Top Notch Dodgeball
Pocock’s third annual dodgeball tournament brought in 12 teams hungry for the championship title. This year’s competition was full of dipping, dodging, ducking and even more
All teams had a great time and good sportsmanship was demonstrated in every game.
Team Twix took home the best dressed award, while in an exciting final team Aero lost to a
strong team Skittles. Ms. Finelli’s leadership class will be planning multiple events throughout the year. Stay tuned Pirates.
After 10 years of attending the St. Matthews Fall Classic in Ottawa, the
Sr. Girls Basketball team finally took home the Championship, defeating
11 other teams and winning against Ajax 45-40 in the final. Notable
performances came from
Sr. leaders Lauren Smith,
Kathrina San Pedro and
Anne Campbell. The
girls now look ahead to
league play and
ROPSSAA playoffs.
Senior Girls’ Basketball
 Senior Boys Volleyball
Junior Girls’ Basketball
Junior Boys’
Show your spirit…
Check out Philip Pocock Spirit
Wear @
Sale Code POCOCK12
They’re back! They are perky, peppy and always smiling! There is no other team that
displays school S-P-I-R-I-T quite like Pocock’s newly formed cheerleading team!
After too many years on hiatus, Ms. Corsetti and Ms. Gotal wanted to bring the pom
pons back! There was tremendous interest, and choosing the team proved to be difficult with approximately 90 students at tryouts.
The team of 35 dedicated cheerleaders has been working hard to learn
cheers and stunts. Their debut at the pep rally was a great success, and
they continued to cheer the football team on at the homecoming game.
The cheer team will continue to cheer at various sporting events such as
basketball and volleyball throughout the school year, and is also starting to
train for spring competitions.
Stay tuned for our future competitions!
Friday, October 5 saw the re-birth of the "Pocock
Spirit". In preparation for the Homecoming game, a pep
rally was held to acknowledge this year's fall sports cross-country, swim, tennis, girls basketball, boys volleyball and football.
Enthusiastic students and fans packed the gym and were
welcomed by the revitalized Cheering Squad. With cheerleaders being thrown in the air and the loud echo of Pirate
cheer, the tone was set for an exciting rally. Each team
burst through the tunnel with their own unique entrances.
Highlights included MC Downey’s comedic presentation of
his volleyball team, basketball's dances to "macarena" and
"Gangnam Style", and the resounding chant of the football
The attention then turned to the teachers who took the floor
in a flash mob.. The entire student body was stunned as Pocock teachers let loose, showing off their funky dance moves in a
precisely choreographed dance to "Call me Baby". Who knew Mr. Raya
had the moves, that Mr. Anisko could do the worm, or Mr. Amaral could
break dance? The gym exploded in laughter and cheer.
The day capped off with games and contests pinning the teams against one
another. In the end, all came
out winners!
Thank you to all those who
participated - teachers, athletes
and students alike.
The Pep Rally was definitely
an inspiring display of Pocock
Pride, reaffirming that we are
in fact, a school with SPIRIT!
Can't wait for what the Spring Pep Rally has in store! The Philip Pocock Cooperative Education department is off to a great start for the 2012/2013 school year. Students are all placed and are now being exposed to real work experiences. Place‐
ments are varied and offer worthwhile opportunities in such areas as: Teaching, Automotive Industry, Culinary Arts, Computer Technology, Heating and Air Conditioning, Pet Retail and Early Childhood Education. Our department would like to welcome the following businesses who are new to our program: Beechwood Retirement Home, N.J. Style Cut, Urban Behaviour, Bluenotes, Jack & Jones, Taurus Auto Collision, Healing Centre, Montreal Dobuk and Taekwondo Supplies, McDonald Auto Service, Hollymoon Detail‐
ing Services, Basic Package Ltd., Rivergrove Veterinarian, Aldo Shoes, Starsky’s, and AW Mechanical. This semester we have a number of students who will be registered for the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program OYAP. The benefits of this include, post secondary funding for college and training, grants for tools and a head start on accumulation of apprenticeship hours. OYAP students are eligible for College subsidies and grants worth 80% of their tuition fees. As well, all Co‐Op students have received CPR and First Aid Level 1 certification through Lifesaver 101. As an educational community we recognize that almost 50% of our students enter the workplace after high school. We therefore need to equip them with entry level skills and work experience to be successful. The Cooperative Edu‐
cation Department is working together with our business community to make sure that these students successfully transition into the workplace. Please contact the Philip Pocock Cooperative Education Department at 905‐602‐6172 for further details. On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, Signora
Polin-De Luca’s Grade 10 Italian Class had
the opportunity to visit the CHIN Radio
Station. Students saw first-hand how radio
shows were done, and visited the first “Little
Italy”, home of Ontario’s first multi-cultural
radio station.
With Lenny & Teresa Lombardi With Massimo Nicoletti What a surprise students received when they
were greeted by the President and CEO of
CHIN, Mr. Lenny Lombardi, who took time
from his very busy schedule to give them a
brief history behind the birth of the radio
station and the man behind the vision, his
father, Mr. Johnny Lombardi. We also met
his sister, Ms. Teresa Lombardi, who manages the behind the scenes activities of the daily running of the
multilingual station.
We continued on our tour
and visited the different
departments before heading to a live radio broadcast, where students met a
Pocock grad, Andy Meffe,
who mans the radio sound
As we were ending our tour, Massimo Nicoletti, one of the Italian
music show hosts, was taping a brief segment for their Sunday TV show. Our students were honoured to have
been asked to be in the background for his ‘spot’ and they were even more delighted to have seen themselves on
TV on Sunday, October 28.
Students were truly enjoying their visit , but it wasn’t over yet.
Ali Bidabadi, the TV show’s producer, invited us into the TV production
room where he challenged students with some
CHIN trivia for some amazing prizes. Four of our
students were fortunate enough to win some
passes to SCREAMERS and vouchers for free pizza
After our visit, we went over to Capitol Trattoria
where we were presented with a variety of different
flavours to be savoured. What a culinary treat for our senses - the food appealed to the
senses of taste, smell and sight. The dishes presented before us looked great, smelled
great and tasted great! Students also participated in a Scavenger Hunt and familiarized
themselves with the rich diversity that makes up College Street today. Special thanks to
Signora E. Polin-De Luca and Signorina E. Noce for organizing and sharing the experience
with our students.
Sempre Avanti…
e alla prossima…
On Thursday, November 1, 2012, the grade 12 Core and Extended French classes had the opportu‐
nity to attend the Cirque du Soleil’s production of Amaluna. Amaluna invites the audience to a mysterious island governed by Goddesses and guided by the cy‐
cles of the moon. This is the Cirque's 32nd touring production, and it's a feast for the eyes, ears, and heart. According to the release, the show's title "is a fusion of the words ama, which refers to “mother”, and luna, which means “moon,” a symbol of femininity that evokes both the mother‐daughter relationship and the idea of goddess and protector of the planet." This New Age‐woman’s‐power energy is apparent throughout the show, even as various circus and gymnastic routines are seamlessly integrated within the storyline. Amaluna distinguishes itself from other Cirque shows by maintaining a clear narrative that's partly inspired by Shakespeare and partly derived from comic books (notably Wonder Woman) to further its theme of female empowerment. Before entering the “grand chapiteau”, we were fortunate enough to have a great meal at Cherry Restaurant. Students savoured their famous burgers, even the “Juicy Lucy”. Finally it was time! The gates opened and we found our seats under the big top, a magical place that transported us to a fantastical ambience. Students were truly awed by the talented acrobats, singers, and dancers that not only kept the production moving , but kept the audience totally engaged. Students felt that this was one of the best experiences they have ever had. The Extended French students did presentations on their favourite part of the show. However, it soon became apparent that they were unable to choose just one part and that they were still excited about the experience. Sitting under the “grand chapiteau” (the big top), was another first for most of the students. Thanks go to Mme D. Donahue and Mme E. Polin‐De Luca for organizing and offering this cultural opportunity to enrich the lives of our French students. Students at Philip Pocock are now actively
involved in Dual Credit programs in
Criminal Justice Studies, and Electrical pretrades techniques. Dual Credit programs allow
students to participate in apprenticeship training
and post secondary courses, earning dual
credits that count towards their high school
school diploma and their post secondary
diploma, degree or apprenticeship
certification. Dual Credits engage students
through exposure to college courses and
culture while supporting their successful
transition to post secondary education.
This past May, Philip Pocock proudly
announced that it was officially a
gold certified eco-school!
Certification is granted through
Ontario EcoSchools, an innovative
environmental education program for grades K-12 that
helps students develop both ecological literacy and
environmental practices to become environmentally
responsible citizens. Developed and run by school
boards, Ontario EcoSchools also helps improve school
building operations to reduce environmental impacts
This year, Pocock’s Green Team is working hard to
ensure that we maintain our gold status and create an
even more environmentally friendly and sustainable
school environment.
The Philip Pocock Transportation department, under the
guidance of Mr. Yonas Lijiam, is proud to introduce our
brand new Specialist High Skills Transportation Major,
Motoring into the Future. We presently have 10
students enrolled who will benefit from:
Seven sector-recognized certification and training
 Experiential learning experiences
 Reach Ahead” experiences
A Specialist High Skills Major is a ministry approved specialized career-focused program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific career pathway in the
Transportation Industry. The program is suitable for all
students interested in all the career pathways:
 Apprenticeship
 College
 University
 Training for the Workplace
For more information on how
to enroll your son/daughter
please contact Mr. Volpe in
Student Services.
The fabulous weather
at the start of the
semester allowed
teachers from a
variety of subject
areas to use our
outdoor classroom.
Green team members
maintained the space
by cleaning up any garbage and weeding the
garden to prepare it
for student use.
What is an outdoor classroom? It is a space where
teachers have the option of teaching their lessons
outside when the weather permits. There are several
picnic tables - enough for a class of 35 students to
comfortably work. The location is near the tennis
courts under the large willow tree. There is plenty of
shade and is quiet enough to teach a full lesson.
To kick start our
greening efforts,
the Green Team,
partnering with
Romero Justice,
launched its first campaign - iWalk. October 10
was “International Walk to School Day.” Students
were encouraged to sign pledges to
walk to school in an effort to reduce
their negative ecological footprints.
Grade nine and ten Visual Art students have been very busy
honing their basic drawing skills. They have been learning
one, two, and three-point perspective techniques and learning
to shade to create the illusion of three dimensional objects.
In stark contrast to this, they have also been learning to
draw, shade and colour organic objects to depict natural
plants and animals in a realistic way. These geometric and
organic elements are being combined in a truly unique and
imaginative compositions.
Administration supported the cause by allowing
students to wear their running shoes for the day.
In an effort to keep iWalk month (International
Walk to School Month) alive at our school, we also
collected gently used shoes during the remaining
days of October. These shoes were donated to
local shelters and community outreach programs.
This is a great way to “reduce and reuse” while
helping many men, women, and children in need.
They have also been
studying colour theory
through the creation
of fun, abstract
expressionism paintings in mixed media
using watercolour,
wax, and black glue.
Why not continue iWalk throughout the school
year? If you live too far from the school to walk,
why not walk a portion of your commute, or consider carpooling or taking public transit. The
school is also equipped with newly installed bike
racks, so ride your bikes!
Several other campaigns and initiatives are being
organized for the coming months! In the meantime, please remember that every student makes
a difference in contributing to an eco-conscious
Philip Pocock is equipped with water fountains
that easily allow students to refill their reusable
water bottles. Please avoid using plastic water
bottles, as it is Pocock’s goal to become a “Plastic
Water Bottle Free Zone.”
Also, consider bringing a litter-less lunch to
school by using reusable containers and cutlery.
Small positive changes make a huge difference!
Please remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.
The grade twelve students are working on very introspective
soul-searching as part of an Identity Project. Research of
modern artists and styles have helped them to find their own
forms of self-expression. They have completed large-scale
charcoal self-portraits, which combine knowledge of the
proportions of the human face and a unique
sense of personal symbolism. They are also
completing a graphic design unit, working on
Remembrance Day posters for the Royal
Canadian Legion contest.
Be sure to check out the current
display of sculptures, masks,
paintings and drawings in the
atrium showcase by the cafeteria.
The Grade 9 students of the 2011-2012 academic year, of both academic and applied levels, performed very
well. Our results have improved due to the diligent work of our students. BRAVO! Special thanks to all math
teachers for their dedication to student success.
Students helping students
Grade 10 students helping the Grade 9 students:
Everyday during Junior Lunch in room 309.
Teachers helping students
Mornings from 7:30 a.m.—8:00 a.m.
After School from 2:15 p.m.—3:15 p.m. in Room 318
Students Get Involved
For additional help, browse the following websites: ; ; ;
The ILC Homework Help: .
All students are welcome to participate in our enrichment programs: Math club……Join and have fun with math. Waterloo University
Contests and Problem of the week
The Actuarial Foundation supports mathematic achievement among
students in grades 4-12 through an array of educational initiatives.
The Foundation inspires this new generation of “math skilled thinkers”
by delivering educational resources and activities tailored to students and
educators. Best yet, all of these lesson plans, discussion materials, posters,
online activities and competitions are free!
Browse these math resources by subject area, or view the Foundation's classroom materials by title below.
Expect the Unexpected With Math® Series
Grades 4-8
Motivate your students to achieve math success!
2012 – 2013 SCHOOL YEAR
During the winter months inclement weather may cause disruption of bus transportation and regular school
operations. A decision to cancel school transportation and/or to close schools is usually made by 6:00 a.m.
and will be announced on the following radio and television stations:
CFNY FM102.1/AM640
FM Z103.5
CHIN FM100.7/AM1540
FM Q107
Ontario University Fair: This was held
on September 28, 29 and 30 at the
Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Many students and parents attended this
annual event.
Ontario College Fair: This was held on October 23, at
the Direct Energy Building at the Exhibition. Many of
our students attended this event.
University Fair: Wednesday, November 7, 2012,
Philip Pocock held our 4th annual University , College
and Apprenticeship Fair. Thanks to all 24 Universities
and 11 Colleges who made the evening a great success
for all parents and students in the Mississauga East family of schools!
University Applications: PIN numbers were distributed
to University bound students on November 1 and 2, during lunch hours. Students may now begin to apply to
University choices. University open houses are happening for the fall, and students are encouraged to begin
making visits to their possible University choices for
next year. Drop by Student Services or visit for the dates and times of all open
houses! Application deadline to OUAC this year:
January 16, 2013
New Guidance Resource Room Open For Business !
This year, Student Services has our own resource room
available to students before school, after school, and
during lunch hours. Counselors are available to help
students apply for colleges or universities, or to research
information using the numerous websites provided in the
Please see your counselor if you have concerns about a course you
are presently enrolled in. Please inform your counselors also if you
are taking a night course that is not with a Dufferin-Peel school.
Scholarships: Students are reminded to visit the Scholarship board
in Student Services for new information on scholarships arriving
daily! See Mrs. Tasciotti or Mrs. McOuat for more information
during your lunch hours!
Sign up at
Grade 12 University Presentations: on September 27 and 28,
during period 2, counselors met with all Grade 12 students who
were potential University or College bound students, to review the
process of applying to a University in or a College in Ontario.
Grade 11 Assembly: On November 7, counselors assembled all
Grade 11 students for an information meeting regarding course
selection for next year, and University and College applications. It
is our hope that early knowledge about courses will make the transition to post- secondary education a smooth one for our students.
Community Services Hours: Any potential graduates are
reminded that 40 hours community service must be completed by
April 2, 2013. Please hand in your completed hours to Ms.
Metallo in Student Services as soon as they are completed. Check
the community service bulletin board, or the Pocock website, for
more information.
OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program): information is
expected to be available in early spring at the following website:
Grade 8 Feeder School Visits: Beginning the week of
November 6, through until November 30, Philip Pocock
guidance counselors will be visiting our feeder school students,
who will potentially be attending Pocock next year. We will
highlight our school programs, community and extracurricular
Grade 8 Information Night: On Thursday, January 17, all
parents and students of our family of feeder schools are invited
to an information evening and tour of the school. Mark this on the
calendar if you have siblings who will be attending Philip Pocock
for 2013 – 2014. More information to follow.
November 25, 2012……...Mississauga Santa Claus Parade College Applications: Students applying to Colleges
in Ontario, may begin to do so after October 1.
February 1, 2013 is the last recommended date to
submit applications. February 1st, is the first release
of offers, and by May 1, applicants must confirm offers of admission to
their chosen programs. Open houses for all programs are in progress
now and throughout the fall. Check out for more
information. Many tours take place in the fall and during March Break.
Be sure to check them out!
TOEFL Presentation: On October 10, during the senior lunch period,
Mrs. Tasciotti presented an information session for students new to
Canada and applying to a University program next year.
Last day to drop a course: The last day students in grade 12 may drop
a course without having it show on a transcript is November 27, 2012.
Newsletter Coordinator & Layout Person: E. Polin-De Luca
November 28, 2012…………………...School Council Meeting in Library @ 7p.m December 13, 2012……………………...…..Christmas Concert December 21, 2012……………….Christmas Vacation Begins December 24‐January 4, …………..………...Christmas Break January 7, 2013 ……………………………………….School Begins January 23, 2013……………………….School Council Meeting In Library @ 7 p.m. Jan. 23‐29, 2013………………………………..Semester 1 Exams January 31, 2013…………….P.D Day‐Semester Turnaround February 1, 2013 …………………….Semester 2 Classes Begin February 12, 2013…….…………………………..Shrove Tuesday February 13, 2013 ……..………………………...Ash Wednesday February 15, 2013 ………..Semester 1 Report Cards Issued Editors: T. Bruno, E. Ibisevic, E. Polin-De Luca, S. Popowich
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