Unit 1 - Building a Reading Life and Interpreting Characters

Unit 1 - Building a Reading Life and Interpreting Characters
Strong Readers:
Learning Outcomes/Goals
Follow routines and use tools for reading.
Talk in meaningful ways about the books they are reading with
partners or groups.
Write powerful post its and demonstrate thinking.
Envision characters and make mental movies about
Make wise predictions using what is happening in the story
and how it is happening.
Infer while reading, noticing the actions, words and thoughts of
our characters and grow ideas.
Revise theories when our characters change.
Notice and analyze characters traits.
Gather evidence with exact text support for writing and talking
about characters.
Pay attention to secondary characters in the story.
Expect characters to struggle and grow.
Empathize with our characters and guess their next steps.
Notice that tension in stories often produces a turning
point. Look for moments when the character is facing a test.
Live alongside our characters as the characters figure out
solutions to their problems.
Think about what the person has learned that is applicable to
their own lives.