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Anatomy and Physiology: Skeletal Muscle Contraction Worksheet

Skeletal Muscle Contraction
Use the video below (click on image) to help generate step-by-step notes on the sliding filament
mechanism. Provide detailed descriptions that correspond to the images. These images were taken
from the video, and your descriptions should correspond to the sequence. Note: The images aren’t
in the exact order of the video as the neuromuscular junction images are first on this document.
Click here!!!!
Describe what this image represents
Overall, what is happening here?
Specifically, what is happening?
Describe the parts of this image.
What is happening here? Why is it
What is happening here? Rewatch
the vIdeo to see the sequence.
What happened?
What is occurring and what significant
“term” is this given?
Again, there is a “term” for this
action. What is it? What happens to
the sarcomere?
What is happening in this image?
What is happening in this image…
And in this image?
What stage is the muscle in using this
image as a reference? How do you
know? Use as many markers and
terms as possible.