Landform Activity

Landform Activity
Dear Parents,
Today in social studies we learned about different landforms. I
also talked with the students about an at home activity they can do for
extra credit. The students are to create the landforms using
whatever resources they have available. I told them to be creative and
have fun! I think this will be a fun hands-on activity for you to do as a
family while reviewing landforms. The project must be completed by
Friday, October 1st. As students complete their projects and bring
them in they will have the opportunity to share them with their
classmates. I will also be taking pictures of the completed projects
and posting them on our website! The landforms we have learned about
are listed below along with the definition. Students must also label
each landform. Again, this is not an activity that must be completed,
but I do encourage it.
Hills-land that rises above the land around it.
Mountain-a very high hill.
Peninsula-land that has water around it on only three sides.
Island-a landform with water all around it.
Gulf-large body of water that is partly surrounded by land.
Bay-smaller body of water that is partly surrounded by land.
River-a stream of water that flows across the land.
Lake-a body of water that has land all around it.
~Mrs. Courtney