East Asia

East Asia
Chapter 14
1. Rank the countries of East Asia by size:
2. What kind of landforms dominate central and southern china?
3. How is the geography of Mongolia different from all of the other countries in East Asia?
4. Why is western China’s Plateau of Tibet called “the roof of the world”?
5. Write a summary for each of the follow topics:
6. Why are the seas of East Asia important to the people of East Asia?
7. What are the three main factors that shape the climates of East Asia?
8. List the major rivers in East Asia and their importance:
8. What unusual natural resources does Japan have?
10. Create a timeline of East Asia including 8 events:
11. List and describe at least 2 dynasties in China:
12. Describe the Silk Road and list the major cities it traveled though.
13. What dynasty ruled Kora from the end of the 1300’s until modern times?
14. What differences between Japanese and American cultures are evident in the photo on page 445?
15. What are the three largest economies of the world?
16. What is the Richter scale?
17. What is a tsunami?
18. What is the global impact of natural disasters occurring in East Asia?