Newsletter for 9/13-9/18

Newsletter for 9/13-9/18
This week in Social Studies we learned more about the landforms around North America
as well as practice utilizing our landform vocabulary and map skills. Students also
devoted time to writing summaries and working on self and peer editing of their writing.
Students were also given a brief open notebook/textbook quiz on the map skill and
landform terminology skills we have been learning about in class. We also devoted time
on Friday to remembering the heroes and victims of 9/11 through class discussion and
watching CNN Student News' footage of the 9/ll memorial museum in New York.
As the year progresses, we will be devoting more time to improving our writing abilities
and reading comprehension skills through content related activities. Students will be
learning about the different climates in North America and their impact on the way
people interact with the environment along with the geography theme of movementpeople, and ideas and their influence. September 17th marks National Constitution Day.
We will discussing the importance of this document and our rights and responsibilities as
citizens of the United States.
Important dates are as follows:
Tuesday, September 16th is Picture Day
Wednesday, September 16th is an early release day for students.
Friday, September 18th is the last day to purchase Shepherd spirit wear. Show your
school pride and help raise funding for our school with spirit wear shopping!
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Jennifer O'Connor