Grade 9 Parent Information Night

The Student Success
If you have any questions about our
Student Success Program, please feel
free to contact me at the school.
The Student Success Team consists of
the principal, student success teacher,
guidance counselor, special education
teacher, and other educators.
The purpose of the SSTeam is to:
 Identify and track students who are
in need of additional assistance;
 Decide on interventions to assist the
 Connect with students, teachers,
and parents;
 Oversee the “Credit Rescue” and
“Credit Recovery” programs;
 Develop school-wide initiatives and
program pathways to support
student success.
The Student Success Initiative has created
a unified effort within the school and
community to help encourage students to
stay in school and to succeed in our
educational system.
Grade 9
St. Marcellinus
Student Success
Contact Information:
Ms. Julie Arseneau
Student Success Teacher
905-564-6614 ext.75016
“Success is a journey, not a
Ben Sweetland
Grade 8 to 9 Transition
The Student Success
How Parents Can Support Their
Child’s Transition into Secondary
Offer guidance and support
Be flexible and allow them choice
with elective courses
Communicate questions/ concerns
with your child’s teachers
Help your child cope with the new
demands of high school
Provide your child with
organizational tools and a quiet
place for homework
Make sure that your child has a
healthy breakfast, adequate sleep,
and exercise
Monitor homework completion
Ensure that the school agenda is
being used to record due dates and
 (access “Ask a Teacher”)
Be involved
Helpful Resources
Speak positively about school
Encourage your child to get involved
in the school community:
o extra-curricular activities such
as clubs, teams, sports
o attending special events at
the school
(Check the school website for events)
 Identify and track students who
have risk factors
 Decide on interventions to assist the
 Connect with students, teachers,
and parents
 Oversee the “Credit Rescue” and
“Credit Recovery” programs
 Develop school-wide initiatives to
support student success
What is Credit Recovery?
Credit Recovery is an opportunity for students to
make-up credits that they did not pass in
previous years. Students must apply to this
program. Students are selected for the program
by the Student Success Team.
What is Credit Rescue?
Credit Rescue is a program in which students
attempt to catch up in currently scheduled
courses that they are not passing at midterm.
The SST (and/or a member of the SSTeam) will
support these students as they attempt to
improve their grade in an effort to achieve
success in all of their courses. Students may
be removed from their class for a short period of
time in order to catch up on the missed work.
This website provides free online
tutoring by certified Ontario teachers for
gr.9-12 students in need of homework
support in science, and English and
math for grades 11-12 (Chat rooms
are open Sun-Thurs. 5:30-9:30pm)
Study and homework aids such as an
online scientific calculator, interactive
periodic table, and a science and
mathematics glossary)
Virtual seminars
This is another excellent homework
help website that is specific to MATH
and is open to our grade 9 and 10
Students should see their math teacher
for registration assistance.
username: smss
password: careers
 Useful for searching for information on
personal learning styles, different
careers and their educational
Will help students prepare for the
Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics
AND the Ontario Secondary School
Literacy Test (OSSLT)
*the OSSLT takes place in grade 10
Includes both parent and student
resources, sample test questions and
responses, and tips for reading and
writing success