The Cay Vocabulary

The Cay Vocabulary
 Squall- a sudden violent gust of wind; a sea storm
 Salvage- rescue from the sea; retrieve or rescue from
o Trough- a narrow, open container that animals eat out of
o Rancid- smelling or tasting unpleasant; old; stale;
o Awash- covered or flooded with water
 Parch- to make or become dry because of intense heat
o Reeve- To pass (a rope or rod) through a hole, ring,
pulley, or block.
 Douse- pour liquid over; to plunge into water to extinguish;
 Calypso-a kind of West-Indian music or African rhythm in voice
or song
o Ebony- very dark brown or black color
o Crevice- a narrow opening or crack in a rock or wall
o Voodoo- black religious cult practiced in the Caribbean;
characterized by magical sorcery
 Tether- to tie with a rope or chain to restrict movement
 Harass- To irritate, pester, annoy, or torment persistently
 Refinery- An industrial plant for purifying a crude oil into
 Gabled- triangular section of wall at the end of a pitched
 Torpedo- to hit or destroy an object; to sink
 Leeward- on the side sheltered from the wind
 Debris- scattered remains of something wrecked or destroyed
 Cay- a low bank or reef of coral, or small island
Tatters- irregularly torn pieces of cloth or other material;
Moray Eel- a brightly colored, snake-like, savage fish of the