– Chapter 6 AP Notes The Duel for America

AP Notes – Chapter 6
The Duel for America
Why was France late in the colonial race?
Edict of Nantes
Louis XIV
Describe the early efforts of the French to colonize:
Quebec 1608 – St. Lawrence River
Samuel de Champlain
How was New France governed?
Why did the population of New France grow slowly?
What factors led to extensive French claims in the New World?
Fur trade (so what’s with the beaver hats?) Coureurs de bois (runners of the woods)
Voyageurs –
Catholic Missionaries –
Empire seekers –
Robert de LaSalle
How did the empires clash?
King William’s War (1689-1697)
Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713)
Peace at Utrecht 1713 - France and Span beaten
British received French Acadia (Nova Scotia) – Newfoundland and
Hudson Bay and limited trading rights with Spanish America
Period of “Salutary Neglect” on part of G.B.  colonies
War of Jenkin’s Ear – 1739 – in America between Britain and Spain – took
place in the Caribbean and involved Georgia (Remember it’s a buffer) –
merged with the larger War of Austrian Succession in Europe
New Englanders invaded New France with the help of the British
Fleet – captured Ft. Louisbourg (supposedly impregnable) on Cape
Breton Island – commanded the approach to the St. Lawrence
Peace treaty in 1748 – gave Louisbourg back to France –
New Englanders were outraged
How did George Washington initiate war with France?
Ohio Valley
1749 – a group of Virginians secured rights to 500,000 acres in the Ohio
Ft. Duquesne
1754 – Governor sent Washington with 150 militiamen to survey and
secure Virginia’s claims
Ft. Necessity
How did this skirmish become a much larger war?
French and Indian War
Seven Years War – Britain and Prussia v. France, Spain, Austria, and
How did this affect the war in America?
How/ Why did the colonies unite to fight the French and Indian War?
Why –
How – Albany Congress 1754 –
Benjamin Franklin “Join, or Die”
How did General Braddock conduct the war? Other blunders?
How did William Pitt save the war?
Prime Minister – “Organizer of Victory”
1758 - Ft. Louisbourg
James Wolfe – Quebec – Plains of Abraham (1759)
Montreal 1760
Peace at Paris 1763 –
French lost:
What about Spain?
What was Great Britain’s position on the world stage?
What are the consequences of the French and Indian War?
How did the colonies exhibit disunity during the war and why?
How did colonial attitudes change as a result of the victory in the French and Indian War?
How did the end of the war affect the Iroquois, and how did they respond?
What was the Proclamation of 1763, and how did colonists respond?