1. The term that musicians use for a fast tempo:
a) largo
b) allegro
c) adagio
d) moderato
2. 2/4 meter is also known as _________ meter.
a) triple
b) quadruple
c) ternary
d) duple
3. The symbol “ff” stands for _______ and means to______________.
a) Mezzo piano, play soft
b) Perfect piano, play pretty
c) fortissimo, play very loud
d) Mezzo-forte, play medium loud
4. Form is:
a) The way music is organized
b) An series of high and low pitches
c) A pattern of short and long sounds
5. A dotted whole note gets how many beats?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
6. Dal Segno means to:
a) Go back to the sign
b) Stop
c) Go to the end
d) Repeat a section
7. A series of high and low pitches is a:
a) Tempo
b) Melody
c) Rhythm
d) Form
8. A pattern of short and long sounds is a:
a) Rhythm
b) Steady beat
c) Melody
d) Pulse
9. A whole note gets how many beats?
a) 3
b) 2
c) ½
d) 4
10. To play at a “Largo” tempo means to play:
a) Soft
b) Very Fast
c) Loud
d) Very Slow
11. The pulse of the music is the:
a) steady beat
b) melody
c) harmony
d) timbre
12. The person who writes music for performers is the:
a) composer
b) writer
c) leader
d) conductor
13. The unique sound of an instrument or voice is referred to as its:
a) form
b) voice
c) timbre
14. Triple meter can also be written as:
a) 2/4 meter
b) ¾ meter
c) 4/4 meter
d) 6/8 meter
15. The top note in a time signature tells what?
a) how many beats in a measure
b) what tempo to play
c) what notes gets a beat
Part II- Identify Notes (Going from the bottom-up)
16. The first space on a treble clef is:
a. F
b. A
c. C
d. E
17. The first line on a treble clef is:
a. E
b. G
c. B
d. D
18. The first space on the bass clef is:
a. G
b. E
c. C
d. A
19. The first line on the bass clef is:
a. B
b. D
c. F
d. G
20. The top space on the treble clef is:
a. C
b. E
c. F
d. A
21. The lowest aerophone in a band is:
a. the saxophone
b. trumpet
c. tuba
d. flute
22. A high pitched aerophone would be the:
a. bass clarinet
b. clarinet
c. piccolo
d. trombone
23. Sound is produced in a membranophone by the vibrating of:
a. the instrument itself
b. air in the center of the instrument
c. air blown through the instrument
d. strings
24. Which type of instrument produces sound by vibrations of the instrument itself:
a. membranophone
b. chordophone
c. idiophone
d. aerophone
25. A snare drum is a(n):
a. idiophone
b. chordophone
c. membranophone
d. aerophone
26. The way music is organized is its:
a. timbre
b. outline
c. map
d. form
27. The two numbers at the beginning of music are called the:
a. measure
b. clef
c. time signature
d. tempo
28. Timpani are also known as:
a. bongos
b. kettle drums
c. congas
d. love drums
29. Which of these is a brass instrument?
a. clarinet
b. oboe
c. flute
d. French horn
If W=whole and H=half steps:
30. A chromatic scale is constructed with which one of these patterns?
31. A major scale is constructed with which pattern?
32. A whole tone scale uses which pattern?
33. How often a sound wave occurs is:
a. energy
b. amplitude
c. frequency
d. hertz
34. How are a pitch’s cycles per second measured?
a. in inches
b. in hertz
c. in units
d. in amps
35. A song with three separate sections would be in what form?
a. binary
b. ternary
c. fugue
d. a round
36. What dynamic marking would be most appropriate for a heavy metal rock and roll song?
a. piano
b. mezzo piano
c. mezzo forte
d. fortissimo
37. The background music for a love scene in a movie would most likely be what dynamic?
a. piano
b. mezzo forte
c. forte
d. fortissimo
38. What tempo would be more appropriate for a funeral song?
a. presto
b. very fast
c. allegro
d. largo
39. What signs tells you to “play again”?
a. coda
b. da capo
c. repeats
d. dal segno
40. Who was Pythagoras?
a. Socrates’ brother
b. French philosopher
c. Greek philosopher
d. a music conductor
41. What form has the same melody but different entrances, like a round?
a. rap
b. fugue
c. rondo
d. chorale
42. “Silent Night” is what type of song?
a. sacred
b. secular
43. 50 Cent sings what type of songs?
a. sacred
b. secular
44. Who traveled and sang secular songs?
a. clowns
b. monks
c. monkeys
d. troubadors
45. What kind of architecture was seen in the Medieval Times?
a. abstract
b. impressionism
c. gothic
d. all of the above
46. Sound is:
a. noise
b. loud
c. a form of energy
d. a form of matter
47. What number do we multiply by to find a note a half step higher?
a. 1.080
b. 1.5
c. 1.059
d. any of these
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this time TRY!
50. Once you have checked to make sure you have all questions have been answered, you may press button
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