Social Science Social Science Dept.

Why Social Science?
All Senior Social Science courses will fulfill
a compulsory and/or optional credit requirement for your diploma (“1 additional
credit in English, or a third language, or
Social Sciences and the humanities, or
Canadian and World Studies”).
Social Science courses teach
fundamental issues that students face
daily (travel, business, justice, society).
Skills learned in Social Science
courses can be used in all future
endeavours (researching, analyzing,
interpreting, writing, debating)
Social Science courses meet the
requirements for all destination
pathways (University, College &
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It’s time to think about…
Social Science
Senior Course
The Social Science department organizes field studies (where and when
possible) to complement classroom
learning. (for example, NYC trip)
Travel the world…
Visit different ages…
Experience different cultures..
Learn about real life issues…
Social Science courses offer the
student both individual and group work
activities, providing opportunities for
students to express their creativity
(media presentations, simulations,
Be eligible for the Senior Social
Science trip...
role plays, debates, guest speakers)
Some Social Science courses are eligible for High Skills Major (SHSM) requirements—pls. ask to find out more about
this new opportunity!
Social Science…
Experience the Possibilities!
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Experience the
Social Science
Department fferings
Senior Course O
in Canadian studies at the University level or those who
would like to develop their research and analysis skills.
Travel and
Discover the
 Will help students interested in the fields of
meteorology, geology, and other related fields.
Canadian and World Issues: (CGW 4U1)
 Learn about issues facing people around the world (e.g.
Child labour, overpopulation)
 Highlights include: role plays, simulations, debates, and
media presentations.
 Will help develop the critical thinking and time-
management skills that are crucial in successful post–
secondary learning.
 Learn about major “isms” of Western European society
from the 16th century to the present (Nationalism, Industrialism, Marxism, Nazism).
 Highlights: Topics such as the French and Russian Revolutions, WWI, an Industrial Labour Congress simulation,
debates and role-play.
 Students will develop necessary essay-writing and presentation skills for future learning.
Law & Politics:
Understanding Canadian Law: (CLU 3M1/3E1)
 Learn about the legal system in Canada, including your
rights and freedoms, and how they impact on arrest, trial
and sentencing.
als and a trip to the courts.
 Learn about the fascinating history of our
southern neighbour including topics such as
the American Revolution, the Civil War,
JFK, Vietnam and Civil Rights.
 A valuable course for students who plan to
live in or work with the U.S. or those interested in the complexities of U.S.
mian, Greek and Roman civilizations,
lifestyles and cultures.
World History: The West & The World:
(CHY 4U1, CHM 4E1 )
 Highlights: debates, current legal case analysis, mock tri-
American History: (CHA 3U1)
 Learn about Egyptian, Mesopota-
Peoples to
 This course is valuable for students who plan to continue
global physical features, weather / climate, and more.
Wld. History to 16th Century:
(CHW 3M1)
 A valuable course for students who prefer visual learning.
contemporary Canadian society.
and various tourism issues (e.g. Ecotourism).
 Learn about natural disasters,
the 20th century, through the medium of film.
 Learn about: Canada’s identity from Native
 Learn about the world (e.g. Australia),
Physical Geography: (CGF 3M1)
 Learn about the major historical events that have shaped
Canada: History, Identity & Culture: (CHI 4U1)
Travel & Tourism:(CGG 3O1)
traveling or those becoming involved in a related industry.
Social Science and
the Humanities:
20th Century History: Global/Regional: (CHT 301)
Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology:
(HSP 3M1)
 Introductory course to help students understand
 Valuable to students interested in
History con’t...
Comes Alive
with Films,
Debates and
 This course is valuable to students interested in studying anthropology, archaeology and ancient cultures..
 A valuable course for any students interested in learning
about their legal rights.
Canadian & International Law: (CLN 4U1)
 Learn about Canadian civil and criminal law, and international law including the role of the U.N.
the three Social Science disciplines of Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology
 Excellent opportunity to prepare stu-
dents for Grade 12 courses also dealing
with these disciplines.
Parenting: (HPC 3O1)
 Introductory course to help stu-
Learn About
Something Real
— Your Rights!
dents learn about meeting the
developmental needs of young
children, communicate and discipline effectively, and
guide early behavior
 Excellent opportunity to prepare students for Grade
12 courses in the humanities.
Challenge & Change in Society: (HSB 4M1)
 Learn about the main principles of sociology, anthropology and psychology, and their impact on society.
 A valuable course for all students interested in the
humanities, to develop analytical skills which are
crucial in post-secondary learning.
Individual and the Family: (HHS 4M1)
 Explore the principles of , anthropology psychology
and sociology as they relate to the Canadian Family.
 Yet another valuable course for all students inter-
ested in the humanities as well as exploring personal
and interpersonal aspects of the Family Life Cycle.
Food and Nutrition Sciences: (HFA 4M1)
 Students will learn about current Canadian and world
issues related to food, dietary choices and food
preparation techniques
 A valuable course for students interested
in pursuing food-related careers, or
related fields
 This course is valuable to students interested in pursuing
Issues in Human Growth and Development:
Canadian Politics & Citizenship (CPC 3O1)
(HHG 4M1)
a career in government or law.
 Continue from where you left off in Civics. Learn about
 Students gain a multidisciplinary approach to study-
 Will help all future voters prepare to make good political
 Yet another valuable course for all students inter-
voting, the political process and Canadian political parties.
decisions and to understand political events in Canada and
the world.
ing human development throughout the life cycle.
ested in the humanities and related fields of study