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Name ________________________________
date on top right corner
Name on the top left corner
first line of each paragraph indented, remaining lines begin at margin
1st paragraph names the text and the pages read this week, followed by a brief summary
title of text is properly capitalized and underlined
choose one prompt to respond to, cross the prompt off on your menu (do not scribble on it)
2nd paragraph begins by restating the question and then stating idea in a topic sentence
3rd paragraph begins with a transition, then restates the question, and then has a topic sentence
2nd and/or 3rd paragraphs are supported by a minimum of 2 pieces of evidence directly from the text
2nd and/or 3rd paragraphs have analysis: an explanation of your thinking and why the evidence is significant
2nd and/or 3rd paragraphs are a minimum of 5 sentences long
all sentences are third grade sentences and a minimum of 7 words long
transition and linking words are used throughout writing
capitalization and punctuation
Total: ______/14