Miss Block’s Friday Note Our Successful Week!!

Miss Block’s
Friday Note
March 4th, 2016
Our Successful Week!!
Extra Excitement!
We have been looking closely at traditional literature. We
compared literary and cultural language used in folktales.
We will have Words Their Way next week!
We have started another writing unit! We will
be going through the writing process to publish
We also looked at the different elements often found in
our own nonfiction story! This week we looked
folktales. We also identified theme and character traits in
at different ways to write a nonfiction story.
fables. Next week we will be looking closely has how char-
We also thought about different things we
acters can change throughout a story.
wonder about and would like to learn more
about. We will selecting and idea and learning
as much as we can on that topic, so we want to
This week we expanded our knowledge of addition by mas-
make sure we are passionate! The weekend,
tering the standard addition algorithm. We have also pro-
talk to your child about things they are curios
about and would want to learn more about.
gressed in our multiplication fluency challenge! Please
make sure your child continues to practice their multiplication facts at home!
Dates to Remember!
This week started our earth science unit. Chapter 1 is about
March 10—Early Release
how the Earth, Moon, and Sun are connected. We studied
March 11—Report Cards Sent Home
why we have night and day. As well as, the different phases
March 15– Poetry Assembly
of the Moon. Our vocab words are rotate, revolve, orbit,
March 25—No School
satellite, and phase. We will be testing this chapter next
March 28-April 1—Spring Break
Friday, March 11th.
Check out our new class twitter!!!
How to be AWESOME!
We have created a twitter ac-
We want to “talk gooder”, meaning we want to
count for our classroom to show
make sure our words are making the world a better
off how awesome we are! You
place. We also want to “listen gooder” when others
can follow us @MissBlockRocks or
are talking and making the world a better place!
check out Miss Block’s website!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: