Vanier Voice School Prayer

Vanier Voice
School Prayer
Lord in the morning as we start the day,
We take a moment to bow and pray.
Congratulations to the boys and
girls intermediate volleyball teams!
The boys worked very hard but lost
in finals against Brebeuf, but in
other news the girls are moving on
to family Finals on Tuesday
December 1st at St. John Bosco. They
will continue to work their hardest
to win our school a banner!
We start with thanks,
For all your kind and loving ways.
And now as we begin our day,
Watch over us as we work and play.
We ask you to help us respect and love
one another,
And all we meet during the day.
Hold our families and school staff in your
As we follow, in your commands.
Teach us to love you more than before,
Through random acts of love and
Guide us to be like Georges Vanier,
Christmas Break
A heads up to the nearing
Christmas break. Starting from
December 21st all the way to
January 1st is the 2 week long
“…[whatever] is true… whatever is
pure…if there is anything worthy,
think about these things.’
Philippians 4:8
Also athletic council is
going to hold our first
student vs teacher
volleyball match of 2015!
Student council
November the 29th is the first Sunday of
Student council is
in the making of
our Christmas spirit
week! Student
council is going to
make it the best
Christmas spirit
week student won’t
want to forget!
“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a
store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a
little bit More.” ~Dr.Suess
Helping the poor, the needy, the sick and
the homeless.
The athletic council is still
collecting Campbell’s
labels. Please continue to
bring them in. They say
that we are slowly
reaching the goal they
have set out for us.
And make a difference by
We ask this through Jesus, Our Lord
Athletic council
Youth faith ambassadors
Once again, Mrs. D’Souza and the Youth Faith Ambassadors are going to
hold our Advent Christmas play, along with each class singing a Christmas
FDK (kinder gardens)
We came just in time to see junior and Senior kinder gardens doing fun Dancing activities in the gym.
Miss Innazzi
Mrs Veira
We came as soon as possible to read “a snow day”
Here is Mrs. Veira’s grade 2 and 3 class
with Mrs. Iannizzi’s grade 1 class.
Enjoying doing their graphs for math
Mrs. D’Onofrio
Miss Espisito
Mrs. D’Onofrio gave us the whole scoop
about what’s going on in their class. The
grade 4 students are doing a geography
project, making brochures about Canada.
In math they are doing patterning. They
are also trying to make a Christmas float
for art class!
We were just in time to see what Alray brought for show and tell. He
brought from Punta Cana a baby coconut, a few shells and rocks, a
very cool magnet and a palm tree seed! It was very cool and exciting
Miss Baltazar:
Miss Baltazars grade 3 class were making letters to Santa. We took
pictures of the beautiful coloring art that the kids colored in.
Mr. Laporte
The grade 7’s in Mr.Laporte’s class have started working on their gr.7 science project. They’re
starting to shape up and look amazing. Continue the great work!