Dear Churchville Parents.

Dear Churchville Parents.
Report cards will be going home Thursday, November 19. Conference reminder
sheets were sent home with your child. If you cannot make your previously
scheduled time, please contact me to reschedule.
A Peek into Spencer Loomis Fifth Grade – November 13, 2015
 Literacy–We are continuing our Nonfiction unit of study.
 Math–We are testing module 3. This includes the standard algorithm for
multi-digit multiplication and working with volume.
 Social Studies–As we finish the American Revolution we will be learning
about life in a new nation.
 Earth Science–We are finishing up our Earth Science strand of study. Our
next strand is Physical Science.
 Parent-Teacher Conferences-November 19 and November 23.
 Thanksgiving Break–November 25-27.
 Spencer Loomis Musical–Winnie the Pooh will be presented on December 5.
 Geography Bee Study Sessions- December 4, 8, and 10 during lunch. Bring
study packets.
Miss Church