6 Grade th

6th Grade
Dear Parent/Family Partner,
Date _____________________________
Please give me your reactions to your child’s [email protected] activities. Write YES or NO for each statement.
_______ My child understood the assignments and was able to discuss them.
_______ My child and I enjoyed the activities.
_______ These assignments helped me know what my child is learning in school.
Any other comments:
Guardian’s Signature:
Number Talk:
Read the story Should Women
Do This?
After you finish reading the
story, complete “Central Ideas
and Details” pages 1-2.
Your answers must be in
complete sentences.
Without Internet Access:
Choose a day from the review
packet and complete the page.
6 x 26
Word Work:
Social Studies:
Related Arts:
Complete vocabulary
worksheet that goes with
Should Women Do This?
Complete “Skillbuilder: Read a
Satellite Image”. (p. 97)
Listen to your favorite song.
Using any art supplies you like
(crayons, markers,
watercolors, paints, etc), draw
a picture of how that song
makes you feel. Think
especially about the colors you
use and how they reflect the
mood of the music.
Respond to the following
unjournaling prompt.
Complete “Forces and Motion”
worksheet. (p. 255)
Write a sentence in which the first
word is one letter long, the second
word is two letters long, the third
word is three letters long, etc. See
how long you can make the sentence.
Explain your strategy and
defend your solution to the
above problem.
With Internet Access:
Do Compass Learning. You
may choose your own activity.
Practice your cursive writing by
transcribing the vocabulary
words from the “word work”
worksheet into cursive.