WS 1.7 - Leaves

WS 1.7 - Leaves
1. What do all leaves do for the plant?
2. What pigment inside the leaf drives photosynthesis?
3. What organelle inside leaf ground tissue cells is responsible for photosynthesis?
Match the structure of the leaf with the function
4. _______ Cuticle
5. _______ Vascular tissue
A. Moves water to the leaf for photosynthesis and nutrient to the
B. Has lots of chloroplasts for photosynthesis
6. _______ Guard cells and stomata
C. Keeps water from clogging the pores on the top of the leaf
7. _______ Ground tissue
D. Allows diffusion of gasses for photosynthesis
Label the parts of the leaf using the words from 4-8
8. Why does photosynthesis in the leaf shut down at night?
9. What is the advantage of begonias leaves having a red underside?
10. Why do some begonia leaves have transparent sections?
11. Why don’t leaves want water to pool on their surface?
12. How are the following leaves adapted to filter off water?
13. What 2 changes cause temperate trees to change color?
14. What is the advantage of having leaves falling to the ground below a tree?
15. Why are pine leaves needle shaped?
16. How do needle plants counteract the fact that their leaves don’t produce as much food as broad leaf
17. What allows conifers to be the largest and oldest organisms on earth?