Wegener on Trial

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Wegener on Trial
Wegener was ridiculed for his ideas about continental drift. Your job is to “clear” Wegener’s
name and prove his critics wrong. You need to gather evidence that supports Wegener’s idea
that the continents move. You need to record that information below. Some of the
information is supplied by Wegener’s own research, and some came later as evidence for sea
floor spreading. Last you need to write a multi paragraph essay explaining to Wegener’s critics
that he was correct. First show your rough copy to me, and then type it on the computer. Print
it out, staple this sheet to it, and turn it in to me. The essay should have an introduction
paragraph, a paragraph for each of the 6 forms of evidence, and a conclusion paragraph.
Wegener’s Evidence
Evidence from Landforms:
Evidence from fossils:
Evidence from Climate:
Evidence of sea floor spreading
Evidence from molten material:
Evidence from magnetic stripes:
Evidence from drilling samples: