Cell Project – Level 3 biology

Cell Project – Level 3 biology
This is a 40 point project due Monday, March 9th, 2015.
May us the following resources: textbook, library books, the Internet, and other sources.
You must work alone; not with anyone else in your class, any of my other classes, or any other
biology teacher’s classes!
The project should be brought to room A122 before homeroom or during your biology class. If
it is not turned in by your class period, it is late!
If you are absent on the day this is due, you must find a way to get it here. If it is not here on
March 9th or before, even if you are not here, the project is late and one letter grade will be
deducted from your grade.
Parameters for Wild Card Cell Project
Submit a written proposal of your idea no later than Monday, February 23rd. Failure to get the
OK before proceeding could result in a 0 on the project. Failure to do the project as approved
could also result in a 0 grade. Any changes after the initial approval must be OK’d by the teacher.
The following is NOT acceptable: power point, painting, poster.
Following are a few examples of possible ideas (based on projects turned in the last several years).
You are not limited to these: model, puzzles, poems, books, stories, songs, comic strips, computer
games, card games, & board games.
The following parameters must be met:
o Must incorporate all of the listed cell organelles and their functions for a total of 20 cell
o Must be creative, original, and demonstrate your understanding of cell terms. If there is a
visual aspect to your project, it must be large enough to be clearly seen, neatly done, and
o If there is an audio/video component to your project, it should be recorded on either audio
tape/CD, or VHS tape/DVD. If it is recorded in another manner, the proper equipment to
view/listen must be supplied to the teacher on the day that it is due. Otherwise, the project
is considered late, and points will be deducted accordingly.
o Also, if there is an audio/video component to your project, it should be clearly recorded,
audible, and neatly edited.
o This is a school project, and all projects must be school-appropriate.
The following is a list of cell organelles and terms to incorporate into your project:
Endoplasmic reticulum
Cell wall
Golgi apparatus
Plasma membrane
Nuclear membrane
Nuclear pores
Cilia or flagella