Computer Systems Technology Instructor: Ruth Ann Hammer

Computer Systems Technology
Instructor: Ruth Ann Hammer
What you will need: Notebook, Agenda, Pen or Pencil, Flash Drive is helpful but not
Course Objective: Students will learn to support advanced technology in an educational
Units of Study: Students will perform computer troubleshooting and repair for the
Barren County School District. Network Administration will be addressed as well.
Opportunities for software exploration will be available when all technology work is
Grading Policy: Computer Systems Technology is a hands-on, project-based class. It is
not a normal, take notes, study, and take a test, type of class. Grades will be assigned
based on participation in activities, initiative taken, work orders and projects completed.
Attendance Policy: Regular attendance is imperative. There is no textbook for this class
so making up work is difficult. If you miss a class, you have missed the content of the
class and will quickly fall behind with very little chance to make up the material.
Homework assignments and/or tests may be made up as is indicated by the BCHS
Class Procedures:
Look for and begin assignment on board when you enter room.
Check your email for assignment.
Check work order system for BCHS, BCTA, and BCMS work orders
and begin work.
Whistle means your attention is required.
Be ready to listen and possibly take a note or two.
Take initiative in your own learning.
Respect everyone . . . including yourself.
Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty Policy:
Plagiarism and academic dishonest are serious offenses. The academic work of a
student is expected to be his/her own effort. Students must give the author(s) credit for
any source material used. To represent ideas or interpretations taken from a source
without giving credit is a flagrant act. To present a borrowed passage after having
changed a few words, even if the source is cited, is also plagiarism. Students who
commit any act of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade in that portion of the
course work. Acts of academic dishonesty will be reported to the administration.