World War II begins

World War II
“dress rehearsal”
–Guernica Massacre
• During the Spanish civil war, Francisco Franco
(Spanish fascist leader) agrees to allow
Germany to test a new fighter plan on the
village of Guernica.
• The result is:
*1937 the Germans test weapons on small
Spanish town – 1,600 Spaniards are
massacred. The German planes work.
Roosevelt’s response:
• Roosevelt spoke in Chicago and his response
was countries must stay united. However,
America believed in that notion of
• **European countries not ready to stop
aggression in Europe.
Giving into the demands of an aggressor to
keep the peace.
the powers of Europe (and League of Nations)
will adopt this policy when it comes to these
dictators (Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo).
Violations of Treaty …
Hitler FIRST violates the treaty by…..
• 1935: Hitler starts to rebuild the military
Starts development of the V2 rocket, Jet
fighters and other Hi-tech projects.
• What does the league of nations do?
• March 1936: moves German troops into the
Rhineland (area of Germany west of the Rhine
river). Violates the treaty.
• What does the league of nations do?
• Nothing
March 1938 - Hitler moves German troops
into Austria citing German/Austrian
Anchluss “union of Austria and Germany”
* violated Treaty of Versailles
(What does the league of nations do?)
German troops march into Austria on March 12, 1938
Munich Conference
September 1938 - Munich
Hitler annexes the
Sudetenland and
promised not to
expand any further…..
Neville Chamberlain the British
Prime Minister champions
this agreement as PEACE in
OUR DAY !!!!
BUT ….Some people saw what was
August 13, 1941
Hitler breaks Munich promise
3. March 1939 –
Hitler takes the rest
of Czechoslovakia.
The Leagues response?
Do nothing….
Berkeley Daily Californian,
March 16, 1939
Nazi-Soviet Pact
• Non-aggression pact with Stalin
–Agreed not to fight if the other
went to war.
–Divide up Poland and other parts
of E. Europe
• BUT what about Hitler and Stalin…they HATED
each other!!!!
Poland is Divided
• Germany wanted Western Poland.
• Soviets wanted Eastern Poland.
World War 2 Begins.
September 1939 – Hitler invades Poland, two
days later Britain and France declare war on
German “Blitzkrieg” comprised of
bombings by German planes, then fast
moving tanks and troops.
Maginot Line
• A walled fortification on the border of France
and Germany. The French feel this will protect
them. Uh…..oh….
US moves closer to War
• Roosevelt has US stay neutral but wants to
help out the Allies:
–US could sell arms to the allies
–Approved greater spending
–Set up draft
US moves closer to War
–FDR runs form a 3rd term-breaks 2
term tradition.
–Congress passes Lend Lease Actloan of war material to the British
–Tanks, goods , airplanes
–US sets up an embargo to stop
trading with Japan
Day that will live in Infamy
• December 7th 1941-attack on Pearl Harbor