Constructing a Scatter Plot Due: In class on __________________________

Constructing a Scatter Plot
Due: In class on __________________________
Task: You are to create a scatter plot of the amount of time you have spent sleeping
vs. time doing extracurricular activities over the course of two weeks. Record the
amount of time in terms of minutes. For example 1 hour would be 60 minutes.
While creating your scatter plot, remember to:
1. Record data in the form of a chart.
2. Plot data on a graph labeling the two variables being tracked with
one on each axis.
3. Create a line of best fit to represent a linear equation of the
information you have studied.
4. Determine whether your Study time vs. TV time has a positive,
negative or no correlation.
**Grading: Total Value 20 pts**
 Organizer Chart Included
 Labeled axis and variables
 Even scale on graph with appropriate quadrant of the graph. (Quadrant I for
scatter plot)
 Represent data using a double Box and Whisker Plot
 Represent data using a double Stem and Leaf Plot
 Used ruler and graph paper
 Reported data
 Plotted correctly on graph
 Created a trend line using proper procedures with accurate math
 Correlation of data: Positive, Negative, or No Correlation